Sunday, November 24, 2013


A whole wonderful weekend happened, but all I can think about is when he said this: 
"We will be together... I promise..." 
I've never known him to break a promise. 

Here is what a bighorn sheep's hoof print looks like. Low and behold, it's a heart! 

It was cold when we went for our Kootenay Park walkabout, and we followed a trail we found until we ran into giant wolf prints, and being without protection of any kind, we decided it was probably best to go back to the jeep. We made these along the way. If the wolf could show he was here, so could we.

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

Those prints would definitely send the wolf scurrying back to 'his jeep'!!
Love the heart prints!!

Quiet Paths said...

That's just so wonderful. The whole thing. :)

Jules said...

Si - Talking to a "local" from Radium this weekend, turns out the wolves are just as timid of us as we are of them, though something tells me I really wouldn't want to test that.

QP - I'm glad you think so! :)