Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's the most exhausting time of the year...

My life from October until January is always hectic and busy. I've got so much stuff to get ready for work and family. I've managed to get everything except one thing done. Here's what I've gotten done so far: 
  • Thor's birthday.
  • Foster guy's dental, ophthalmologist, hearing and annual exams all done and reported on.
  • Foster guy's annual service plan written.
  • Shovel a foot of snow. 
  • Annual service plan meeting (this is a huge deal and stressful, always).
  • Foster guy's birthday party preparations and party.
  • Travel to see Thor a couple of times.
  • My mom's birthday.
  • Shovel a foot of snow.
  • My son's birthday.
  • Christmas shopping.
  • Gift wrapping.
  • Shovel 1.5 feet of snow.
  • Tree up and house decorated to enliven the Christmas spirit. 
  • Christmas banquet to attend.
  • Work with my retail store and contractor as needed.
  • Shovel daily.
  • Attend my own medical appointments.
  • Take son to doc to assess his new med for ADD.
Things I still need to do and an quickly running out of time:
  • Send out Christmas cards. I'm afraid they're all going to be more like Happy New Year cards now.
  • Attend Ugly Christmas Sweater party.
So I guess I'd better get on the Christmas Cards. The thing is.. do I really need to send them out? Maybe just to a select few, like my Grandma, and a few elderly people in the States to let them know I'm thinking about them. I think that's what I'll do. That's easier to accomplish, rather than the 50 I send out every year, and it's much more economical. Then, to friends and cousins, I can just design my own e-card and send that out. I sort of can't wait for the new year to begin and things to settle down, with a lot less hustle and bustle and stress. 

Decision made on the card front. Julie out. 

Jules :Ophewph!


The Grunt said...

Take it easy if you are able. Your weather up there needs to give you a break.

SIMON said...

Glad you sorted the cards..... wouldn't it be so much easier without the daily shovelling?!!
It will be ok after all 'tis the season to be jolly!!!

Jules said...

Grunty - I should be able to take it easy after tonight. Thanan's Xmas Concert is the last big event. Yes, it does need to give us a break (the weather). Usually this time of year we only have 30cms of snow. So far we've got close to 100cm and it's not even the end of December. Yeesh.

Si - I sent out a very small select few. In here I'll wish you a Happy Christmas. :)

SIMON said...

In here also to you Jules, have a super Christmas!