Thursday, January 30, 2014

don't forget the "r" word...

This hangs from my rear view mirror, from an old air freshener I had long ago. I've purposely kept it for days like today where I get an email from the teacher saying how terrible my son's day was at school. It just reminds me to relax.. that not everything is the end of the world. I look at it to remind me that traffic jams aren't going to kill me. Being 5 minutes late doesn't spell disaster. That 2 feet of snow won't bury me. Failing to remember to pick up shampoo won't mean a catastrophe. And that even when the whole day seems like hell, if I just take a few deep breaths and relax, it really isn't all that bad. 

Easier said than done, sometimes.

Jules :O/

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Cracked or not, with the morning sun illuminating it after an evening's skiff of snowy deposits, this chair looks so welcoming. 

Besides, I'm half cracked all the time anyway. Sitting on a cracked chair wouldn't make any real difference. 


Sunday, January 26, 2014

and the moral is...

I hate washing windows and mirrors almost as much as I despise changing the shower curtain.  So, you all must send heavy and sincere praise my way when I come on here and announce that I actually remembered to get out the windex today and clean my bathroom mirrors! This is that announcement,  and I do expect that praise... cuz if I don't get it,  I may never do that irritating chore again!

Actually, I'm a fairly decent housekeeper. I can make my house presentable within 15 minutes of someome's anouncement that they're on their way over. Even 10 minutes if they don't mind a little bit of dust here and there. But I have clutter areas that, even with my best intentions,  I just can't seem to get a handle on. If I were a new year's resolution type of gal, to resolve to dissolve clutter would be mine. There's a thought... maybe if I resolved it there'd be enough intrinsic pressure that I could actually do it. But then again, if my house didn't have clutter, dirty mirrors and windows,  and a shower curtain that needed changing, I'd be far too perfect and then nobody would like me.

So I guess the moral of today's post is: don't ever strive for perfection if you want friends.


Hmm, and to think,  I came up with all that just cuz I cleaned my mirrors today!

Jules :Osmartypants)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Magnificent mountains...

Castle Mountain, half way between Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta. The sky was magnificently blue, the rocky peaks and plateaus were dusted with just the right amount of snow to call attention to its glory, playing peek a boo with the thick forest below... 

I love Castle Mountain. It's one of my favorite ranges in the Rockies. Standing proud and tall at 2,766 m or 9, 075 feet, it's not the highest peak, but it's nothing to shake a stick at either. I always know that when I turn that one corner of the Trans Canada Highway and see it, that I'm only an hour away from seeing Thor. It's like the last leg before I'm home.

Jules :Obeauty)

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Monday, January 20, 2014


Apparently if you go to Invermere on this weekend in January and scope out the local frozen beach access, you will find a vibrant and close knit community having a curling bonspiel with about a hundred participants, an ice shack they call their kitchen, people with home made fire pits mounted onto skis so they can slide it out onto the ice, and some amazingly fantastic community spirit and costumes. Thor and I loved this lady's team. She was a great curler, too. 

To differentiate team rocks, they tied ribbons on them. Economical. I always like curling rocks, how they look, slide, how deceivingly heavy they are, and the sound they make when the delivery is just right and they smack the opposing team's rock out of the rings.

It was a cool weekend. Cold, even...

Jules :O)

Photos are copyright. No, you can't have them without my permission. Thanks! 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Old and weathered and beautiful...

You just know when you connect with something. You may not know why you connect with it, but you know it's meant to be yours. That's what happened when I went thrifting with my mom yesterday. We were looking for a filing cabinet for my sister and I stumbled upon this old farmhouse-looking medicine cabinet. I couldn't take my eyes and hands off it, but mom, in her haste ushered me out of the store before I could whisk it away with me. As I got further away from the store, I felt it pulling me back and all day and night I thought about it. Unfortunately, I had two things working against me. There wasn't enough time to go back, and my mom kept telling me I didn't need it. She was just toying with me though, I've come to decide. 

I went back today and bought it. It was marked $20 but the shop owner let it go for $15. So I brought it home, cleaned it up and now I am in the process of deciding where to hang it. I picture it like a piece of artwork, hanging above my computer station with others similar in nature. A hanging storage art collection. I love everything about this one. I adore the old weathered hardware and how the clasp catches slightly so you have to use two hands to open it. I wonder how many other fingers grasped that handle and pulled.  

I adore the totally crackled mirror and all of the intricate patterns it makes. How many faces have looked into that mirror and how many expressions has the mirror been witness to, young and old alike? How many people has it seen age, just like it has through the years, their wrinkles appearing before it, just as it had "wrinkled" itself...

I love the curved and rusty hinges that have held it together for so long, worked so hard, and never complained about the load it bared. Silently, happily holding together and hiding the belongings inside.

I even love the little nail embedded inside the cabinet. What hung there before I bought it? Was it a necklace or a wedding ring? Was it a priceless bracelet or an old farmer's watch?

There's a lot to love about this old medicine cabinet, in all its weathered, aged imperfections.

And now it's mine.