Sunday, January 26, 2014

and the moral is...

I hate washing windows and mirrors almost as much as I despise changing the shower curtain.  So, you all must send heavy and sincere praise my way when I come on here and announce that I actually remembered to get out the windex today and clean my bathroom mirrors! This is that announcement,  and I do expect that praise... cuz if I don't get it,  I may never do that irritating chore again!

Actually, I'm a fairly decent housekeeper. I can make my house presentable within 15 minutes of someome's anouncement that they're on their way over. Even 10 minutes if they don't mind a little bit of dust here and there. But I have clutter areas that, even with my best intentions,  I just can't seem to get a handle on. If I were a new year's resolution type of gal, to resolve to dissolve clutter would be mine. There's a thought... maybe if I resolved it there'd be enough intrinsic pressure that I could actually do it. But then again, if my house didn't have clutter, dirty mirrors and windows,  and a shower curtain that needed changing, I'd be far too perfect and then nobody would like me.

So I guess the moral of today's post is: don't ever strive for perfection if you want friends.


Hmm, and to think,  I came up with all that just cuz I cleaned my mirrors today!

Jules :Osmartypants)


SIMON said...

All praise to the 'fairly decent housekeeper'!!

What blogging is all about!! Yeah?

Jules said...

Haha.. I suppose so. If a person can't have random thoughts on their own blog, where can they?