Monday, January 20, 2014


Apparently if you go to Invermere on this weekend in January and scope out the local frozen beach access, you will find a vibrant and close knit community having a curling bonspiel with about a hundred participants, an ice shack they call their kitchen, people with home made fire pits mounted onto skis so they can slide it out onto the ice, and some amazingly fantastic community spirit and costumes. Thor and I loved this lady's team. She was a great curler, too. 

To differentiate team rocks, they tied ribbons on them. Economical. I always like curling rocks, how they look, slide, how deceivingly heavy they are, and the sound they make when the delivery is just right and they smack the opposing team's rock out of the rings.

It was a cool weekend. Cold, even...

Jules :O)

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don said...

That's a great picture of the lady!

SIMON said...

Great fun discovering communities like that!
Curling always seems like fun and not to be taken too seriously, though I know it is serious!

Jules said...

Don - Yes, she was fun to take a photo or two of. :)

Si - I have a feeling Invermere is quite a tight knit community. Been there tons, but haven't done much talking with the locals. I'll have to change that. Curling is totally a serious game, so it's fun to see it played like this.