Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Every day...

Every day is hit and miss. Some are good and some leave things to be desired. Every day, however, is something to be thankful for, to cherish, to find something good in, and to make the most out of.

Every day, your body will change. It will become a day older and with that comes differences in its appearance, and how it will feel.  Some of the changes are ones you will like, and others, you will loathe. The only real way to get through them is to adopt an attitude of acceptance and learn to admire your body in whatever state it is in, afterall, it's carried you this far.

Every day you will come across people. Every person has somewhere to be and something to do. They may have had a good day or a bad one before they crossed your path. They may be healthy or be suffering from an illness. The two things within your power are how you interact with them, and how you view them. Every day, you should strive to make the best out of your interactions.

Every day, you will go through many emotions. You will be happy or sad, content or unsettled, calm or angry, have energy or be without it, feel lonely or feel like part of a greater abundance, embrace your determination or let things get the best of you. Every day you are allowed to feel however you want. You're only human.

Every day, you are thought about. Every day, there is someone out there who's mind you cross, who's heart feels for you, who wishes they could help you, who is looking forward to meeting with you, who holds you in high regard, who is excited you are part of their world, who is smiling because of something you said. Every day you make a difference to someone, whether you are aware of it or not.

Every day is a day to master.

Jules :Obestrong)


SIMON said...

Lovely post Jules.

Jules said...

Thanks Si