Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearts for foodies...

Last year for something to do, I made heart shaped eggs and sent this photo to Thor. Not quite the same as actually being able to eat them, but you do what you have to do over distances. 

This year we were together on actual Valentine's Day and we ate at Safta's Kitchen in Invermere. We ate foutoush salad and they came with cucumbers in heart form! Now, I know how I did it with the eggs, but the cucumbers.. I can't figure out how that was done! Also, their falafel balls came joined two together and shaped like hearts as well. Cute touch... until we realized that if you turned them upside down they looked like shaved nutsacks. But even then, that was worth more than one or two laughs. 

Jules :Olol)


SIMON said...

Maybe someone, somewhere grows heart shaped cucumbers!! LOL!!

Jules said...

I really don't know how that was done. Baffled.