Thursday, February 20, 2014

I AM VENTING...because I'm really pissed off.

I think there's something wrong when they expect me to act like their employee but they only treat me like an employee when it benefits them, and not at all when I actually need support. They call me a "contractor" yet they expect me to bend over backwards and jump through all of their hoops to follow all of their criteria, rules, training schedules and extremely rigid rules, yet, because I'm considered a "contractor" they don't feel the need to offer me benefits of any kind. No health benefits, no retirement contributions, no time off for mourning, no emergency relief, no sick leave, no holiday pay, no EI contributions. The only benefit I get is that my income is tax free, but that's because I'm a foster care provider, and that's just the law.

So. If I'm a "contractor" as they say I am, shouldn't I be the one deciding when I work, when I take time off, where I work, what I do within my place of work (aka home), how much I get paid, what I pay out to others for sub-care, what training courses I take and when, etc? I think that's normally how contractors operate. A contractor determines the rules and guidelines of their own contract. That's what makes them a contractor.

It's a very fine and very blurred line they have developed for this program I partake in. I am grateful for the job I do. It's rewarding on both an emotional and monetary level. But it sure does have some MAJOR drawbacks.

If I am needed, and I mean really needed in an emergency or something, somewhere and can't get the time off (or have to pay hundreds of dollars to get time off), or if I need time off for mental well being and can't get it, that would just plain suck dirty balls. It already has me thinking about a different career path. We'll see.. I'm not sure what my last straw would be with this current career. I hope I don't find out any time soon, either.

I've been with this company since 1997, I believe, with a short time off for Maternity. That's 17 years. And this is what I get in return for my exemplary service, where all I am ever told is how outstanding of an "employee" I am for those entire 17 years? A big "figure it out for yourself and pay out of your own pocket..".


Jules :Ofuckit(

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SIMON said...

Employee or contractor I think what you do is fantastic and I know you love it. mostly! I therefore suspect there never will be a 'last straw'!
Nothing wrong with a good vent though!