Sunday, March 23, 2014

hard... and balls...

Day 1: Sad, but I can still smell his scent.. how heavenly.

Day 2: Sad, but when I close my eyes, he's there.

Day 3: Comfortably numb... I can still feel his presence beside me.

Day 4: I'll play a song that reminds me of our time together.

Day 5: Numb.. if I stop feeling things, I won't miss him.

Day 6: Someone distract me.. seriously.. now.

Week 1: I just want his hug.

Week 2: I really miss his feet at night.

Week 3: I severely miss his kisses.

Week 4: I just wish we could cuddle, I miss him far far too much.

Week 5: Not recommended.

Week 6: Look out world, cuz the only thing keeping me from going is an earthly disaster and you 'd best not get in my way. If it falls through I might just die.

Week 7: Let there NEVER be a week 7.


On a totally different note, not at all related, I'd like to thank the number of people who have viewed my "Holy Hanging Cheese Balls, Batman" post (just a few posts back). It's officially my number one post ever, or at least over the past couple of years. I find that so ironic, since I was venting about something so gross and disturbing. I think if you mention the word "balls", people tend to come a looking.

UPDATE: Oh nevermind. That statement prompted me to go ahead and look through all my stats, and there are lots that have outdone that one (I have a few that surprised me at the number of visits!). I should have looked before I said that. Why not just delete this section then? Cuz frankly, I still wanted to have another post with "balls" in it.

Jules :O\


SIMON said...

No don't ever let there be a week 7.... and so to the balls!! Statistically I guess balls is a popular word. My best ever 'one off', statistically, was a picture titled 'A perfect coupling'!
How did you guess it was a train picture!!

Jules said...

My most read post was one about farts. Imagine that. People are gross and perverted. LOL