Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the pits...

Have you ever used the expression: Where in the sam hell did I leave.. (insert name of something here)..?

I used it on Sunday, and I used it again today and I mean, I never use that expression. But this morning when I was thinking it, I wondered something of vital importance.

I want to know why Sam was so special and why he got his own distinctive hell.

Like, is it better or worse than regular hell? Is it a place where only people named Sam go who are deemed unworthy or bad? Are there other hells.. like is there a hell for Patty's? And do people use that as an expression... where in the patty hell did I put my car keys?

And why do lost items seem to go missing into sam's hell, anyway?

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

I can safely say I have never used it, ever! In fact until I just read your post I had never heard of it!!

Jules said...

Hmm.. might be a westerner thing?