Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Grow up, Humanity... you are embarassing!!!

You know.. I just have to get this off my chest.

I think there's something terribly wrong with humanity when in this day and age, we are still racist and prejudiced. I think it's terrible when people in prominent positions are saying things like Donald Sterling (NBA Clippers owner) go ahead and say that they don't want "black people" being brought to his NBA games. I have to say that his consequences were done right. He should be stripped from anything and everything to do with the NBA. But what is also worrisome to me is that at least one very notable NBA player immediately tweeted to the effect that "black NBA players should just make their own league"... something to that effect.

Now, it seems to me that segregation was, strives to be and should continue to be a thing of the past. All it would accomplish would be to further divide people with different skin colors and make even more of a statement that we don't belong together. Hogwash, I say!!!

Here's the thing, people. We are all just one race. I know I am not the first person to spout that out, but it's the truth. We are all the Human Race. That's it, that's all. I have said it time and time again on this blog and in my life, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, body image... whatever. None of it matters. And if you think THAT is what matters, I say SHAME ON YOU.  What matters is: Are you a good person, who contributes to the betterment of society, or aren't you?

I'm not telling you not to have an opinion. But what I'm saying is, make your opinions based on fact because you have solid evidence to support what you believe... don't base it on what history or someone else told you to do. Form your own opinions, and if you're really honest with yourselves, I'm sure you will see that people are just people. Judge them for whether they are good or bad. Not for whether they are a different color or religion from you, or anything else.

Do we discriminate against people because they prefer to wear the colors white or black? How about because they like the taste of honey more than peanut butter? No.

If you want to judge people, do it because they are lazy, or mean, or deliberately send out hateful messages, or are trouble makers that just want to work towards division and war. Don't just blanket judge people because they were born with different skin than you.

Jules >:Ogrrrrr!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A windy day thought...

Brilliant thoughts and ideas hit my brain all the time. Some of them come to fruition, some of them don't. This new one I have will be a joy to compose, I think. It's not a song, it's a collection.

Similarly, sometimes I have thoughts I think are brilliant but then they turn out to be really stupid. Or just stupid enough to make me wonder if they are smart or stupid. Today's example of this is:

While watching birds fly in around in today's seriously strong winds, I think to myself, "Those birds sure are having fun in the wind... lookit them goooo!" and I smile and feel good. Then I think, "Wait... maybe that's not fun at all. Maybe that's terribly difficult being thrashed around and struggling with every ounce of your body and soul to be able to reach the branch that you want to perch on, which is also being thrashed around, and all you want is a drink from a puddle, a worm to eat and a place to not be thrashed around... not fun at all.. poor birds."

I guess the lesson here is that you have to choose all the time whether to be the optimist, the pessimist or the realist in life.

I decided to go back to them having fun, because I'm pretty sure that in the book "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull," the main character bird loves flying in the wind. Come to think of it, that's probably where my thoughts on this originated. Before reading that book years ago, I probably didn't have an opinion of whether birds like wind or not.

Jules :O?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Holiday!


Happy Easter, everyone.

Or happy day of Jesus' resurrection..

Or happy day of hunting for easter eggs if you aren't religious and just like hunting for chocolate that came out of a confused bunny's butt.

God Bless.

Jules :O)

Friday, April 18, 2014

oil pulling... is there truth to the madness?

I'm going to try something called Oil Pulling.

Basic premise: swish a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth for 15 - 20 minutes first thing in the morning (or up to 3 times a day on an empty stomach, I might do mine in the evening before bed) and then SPIT and rinse and brush as usual. It's supposed to draw toxins out of your body. Wash the sink out well afterward.

Reason for trying: Because I've tried just about everything else for things that ail me, so why not try this and see if I start to feel better? Plus, it's probably the only acceptable time, aside from actually brushing your teeth, to spit. And also, I'll have a reason to keep my mouth closed for 20 minutes and just be inside my own head, listening to my thoughts.

Things I'm looking forward to seeing if it works with are: whitening of teeth, making gums and tongue healthier, helping with the candida problem, relieving sinus congestion, clearing up my skin, relieving aches in legs and knees. These are all things that people who do OP say has helped them in the many forums I've been reading (except for candida, but I'm hopeful, since coconut oil combats it anyway).

Bonuses: Promoting bowel regularity and everything that goes along with that. Oh come on.. that's not news to you.

My goal: To try oil pulling for 1 month and see if I feel any healthier or look any better (teeth, skin, etc).

The oil I will attempt to use will be coconut oil, but it looks like you can use any kind, based on personal preference. People also use sunflower or sesame oil a lot.

Experiment to commence April 18th to May 18th.

Jules :Owishmeluck)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm having a real issue with Mother Nature this year, although I used her favourably in a new song I just finished composing. But honestly, I'm downright pissed at her. I don't know how many weekends had to be cancelled for Thor and I due to weather related events in the past year, but it's far too many. And now, it's been totally beautiful for the past week, tons of sunshine, no precipitation, so we make plans only to find out that now, the forecast is completely different and there's going to be snow potentially getting in the way of me going... AGAIN. What the balls, MN. Seriously. Couldn't you have made it snow during the week and give us a nice weekend for driving and relaxing? Why do you HAVE to foil my plans SO often?! There's still time to change your mind, MN. Be the bigger entity here, do the right thing.


Jules :Ogrr!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

orgasm lines...

The next time you see a woman who apparently has deep "frown lines," you'd better think twice about her. Don't pre-judge her, assuming that she's had a really hard go of life with so many troubling circumstances that she's in a perpetual frown. Those same lines get deeper and deeper on the forehead the more a woman has nice, satisfying, long, deep orgasms. It's probably true for men too.

So when I'm 80, I'm going to tell everyone that I didn't live a long hard life with lots of disappointments.. my "frown lines" are "sexual gratification" lines.

Jules :OP

P.S. I bet this post will be one of my biggest hitters over time. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

How to compliment a woman...

Yes, call her pretty, or even better.. call her beautiful. But if you REALLY want to compliment her, use words like: hot, sexy, steamy, stunning, naughty, glorious, and even delicious. They will go a long way to making her feel like she's really got your attention and can hold onto it.

A sentence like this will always be well received, in any situation: "Sweetheart, can you help me with this, you're really great with figuring out things like this, you're so smart..."

Find her most amazing attribute and compliment the heck out of it. Whether she believes you or not, you are doing wonders for her self esteem and ego by letting her know she's special in some way. For example: "Holy smokes, lady.. every time I look into your eyes I just get lost in them... *sigh*..." Steer clear of boob and butt compliments. We know they're likely not sincere and they come from your "little head", not your big one.

If she mothers a child or children, make sure she knows how much you value that and how good at it she is, especially when she's having a "bad parenting" day and is feeling low. It can sound something like this: "My dearest one, you handled the permanent felt marker on the wall better than most parents would have. Why don't you take a small break while I figure out how to wash it off... there there.. don't pull out any more of your hair, your hair is so silky and glorious..."

Here's a simple one: "Babe, you make the most superb roast... thank you for cooking, tomorrow it's my turn!" She needs to feel appreciated in all the things she does or she's likely to just think you take her for granted and will stop doing them. Imagine if women stopped doing? *shudder*

Wana know the kicker? All of these can and should be reversed and used for women to compliment men with too! Equality in partnership. It goes a looooong way.

Have fun complimenting!
Jules :O)

Friday, April 04, 2014

The Save-On Birds...

I'll take a second to introduce you.. these are the "Save-On Foods Sparrows," as I have dubbed them. They live in a relatively small group of about 20 or so and hang out in the bushes in the parking lot there, mostly around the fire hydrant. They're always there in the spring, and into the summer they can still be seen there, as well. I like to park right in front of their favorite bush and watch them for a while before I get out of my car.  This first pic I took through my windshield, so it's not the clearest photo, but it works.. I need a new windshield, badly. 

When I came back out, they were enjoying a bird bath in a small puddle that was half shaded by an ambulance. The FireMedics had gone in to buy groceries, and thought I was snapping pics of their rig, but I told them I was more attracted to the birds bathing in the puddle. Their faces all lit up (all 5 of them) and one remarked, "Oh!! I hadn't even noticed the birds!" Then we all stood there for a moment, watching them frolic in the puddle.

I smiled back and thought to myself "How could you not notice the birds?"

Jules :O)
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Not that these are remarkable enough to steal, but just saying.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Senseless and tragic...

My Auntie Margaret was in a tragic car accident and despite the efforts to save her life, after hours of surgery, they couldn't stop her internal bleeding. As soon as they took her off life support, she passed away. She was turning out of the road that goes to her sub division in Saskatchewan onto the Trans Canada highway there, and it was dark, first thing in the morning. The car approaching her didn't have it's lights turned on, she didn't see him (they suspect). He broadsided her going at least 100km/h and she was basically completely crushed. Where was she going? Did she have important things to do that day? How many lives did that accident impact?

I know accidents happen, but a small part of me can't help but wonder why that happened to her. As far as I know, she was a really great person, morally sound, always trying to help out her family, especially my other Aunt who battles cancer. She didn't seem to get caught up in squabbles. She had 3 children (grown) and some grandchildren, a husband... one of her kids couldn't get there in time to say goodbye. The whole thing just hurts to the core. It's so sad.

She came from a big family and only 3 of her siblings will be at her funeral. Really lame excuses and grudges that are held onto for no real good reason have kept the others away. I would think in a time of need like this, people could put away their pettiness and come together for the sake of family and love and kinship and unconditional support. Why spend your life being angry and resentful? It just makes no sense, especially when life can just .. go... so easily in the blink of an eye. So I find that whole aspect of this terribly sad as well.

Thor and I drive all the time. I'm in my vehicle more for work and family oriented errands than I can even keep track of, and I've had my fair share of close calls, and so has Thor. It just makes you wonder...

I hope and pray that my luck and Thor's luck stays in tact and that something senseless like this doesn't happen to one of us. I pray hard for us everytime we begin a journey. I'll keep praying, I guess.

God Bless you, Auntie. I hope you rest peacefully.

Jules :'O(

Walk with me...

I liked these photos from the weekend when I was walking with Thor on a beach in Windermere, BC. Spring is a time of transformation, when ground is uncovered to reveal what lay beneath the harsh snowy blanket; when surfaces are uncloaked to show the wears of the winter just passed. There were many of these shells laying on the wet sandy floor that will eventually become hidden with the water as it rises. Take the time to explore what's around you before it starts to hide away again right before your eyes. 

A vibrant orange rock, laying among the shades of mostly blue-grey and yellow-brown, eye-catching, like a ruby amongst diamonds would be.

Jules :Oj

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Gas is gas, distributor beware...

I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on something.

Have you ever been driving in your car just after having eaten something and you swallowed a bit too much air with your meal so you end up burping and that burp cloud that's released ends up bouncing right back towards you off your driver's side window, leaving you with a whiff of what you just ate, in a mildly acidic and somewhat digested format, like a slap in the face?  And then you end up making that "ewww.." face and you're thankful nobody else is in the car with you... or if there is, you hope the scent doesn't waft their way, while you contemplate heartily announcing "Man! That was a good burger the second time around too!" just to cover your butt so they know it was a burp and not a fart.

Does that ever happen to you?

Burps can smell just as awful as farts, sometimes. So if this is true, why is it impolite to pass anal gas on or near people, but it's not impolite to expel and blow gross oral fumes near the person next to or in front of you? Sometimes farts don't even have smells and I'm pretty sure burps always do.

Is it because typically speaking, a fart that has a stench will linger longer in the air than a burp will? And why does that happen anyway? They're both just gas, being released at or around the same volume and force. Why does a fart linger and a burp doesn't? Does it have something to do with the temperature of the air being released? Is a burp hotter than a fart, or is it vice versa? Has that study been done?

I think gas is just gas, it's best to release it when you have to, holding it in doesn't do yourself any favors. But it's best to be discrete about it if at all possible, and if you have to burp, it's best to face a different direction and blow the burp away from anyone else near you. I typically blow my burps upwards like a person who's blowing out a lung full of cigarette smoke up into the air instead of in someone's face (you've seen that scene enough times to get the picture here). I suggest you follow this as a guideline for proper burp etiquette from now on, too. I mean, when people are around. Who cares if you're by yourself. You can sit there and soak in the smells of your own bodily odor as much as you deem appropriate. It is, afterall, yours to bask in.

End of thought.

Jules :O?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Solutions can be sooo simple...

So the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth Highway) between Calgary and Red Deer is notoriously bad for winter driving. It's the place where those inasne 20+ car pile ups can happen in the blink of an eye on slushy/black icy/snowy roads. Coming home from Radium it's an unavoidable leg of the trip. This time, it was snowing but the pavement everywhere else along my drive was either just wet or dry, because it's spring and the pavement temps are warm enough to melt what's landing, to a certain extent.

On my way home, I wasn't just dealing with snow, I was also dealing with extreme winds, blowing snow across the highway, reducing visibility as well as creating drifting snow across the highway. The result of the blowing snow was black ice and snow/ice covered sections for about a 45 minute stretch of the QE2 (a good chunk of that stretch of road connecting the two cities.

It seems like wind is often a problem, and snow is obviously a problem 7 or 8 months out of the year up here. So I thought of a solution. If wind and blowing snow adds to the creation of hazardous road conditions, can't the province spend some money planting strategic shelterbelts along the QE2 to block out the wind issues where they are most known to be problematic? Plant some trees in rows along the highway on both sides, and shrubbery or mugo pines that will act as effective screens thereby protecting the highway more. I bet things would improve drastically along there if they did that. Plus, we'd have more of an ability to keep our air clean. How great is that? Bonus.

Doesn't really seem like rocket science. Why hasn't it been done yet?


do more with the sun...

Why hasn't anyone invented solar/electric combo cars yet?  I know there are electric/gas combo cars and even just electric cars, but there should be cars driving around with solar panels instead of sunroofs. It would look cool and be amazingly earth friendly to be running cars off of solar power with battery back-ups. No emissions, totally renewable energy sources, especially if the electricity back-up could be derived from wind or solar power too. The car runs on solar power during the day, and can harness and store solar power for night time driving, or can run off the electrically charged battery back-up. People can install more windows in their garages to allow for more solar energy to come in and charge while parked inside. Or install a solar panel on their garage roof to provide power to the car parked inside directly.

Why isn't solar power more affordable and more widely used? Why aren't all the parliament buildings totally fitted and getting all their energy from solar power? Set a good example, government. If you're going to spend huge chunks of money on stuff, make it solar powered stuff, at least that wouldn't be throwing it down the drain. Lower the cost of solar power equipment so that it's widely accessible to all people. Utility companies, restaurants, places of business, government offices, or any offices should be running off solar power. It's the sun, man. It's not going to burn out any time soon. It doesn't freak out just because we find ways to use its energy. It's not like an old shirt, it doesn't feel or show stress the more it's used. It needs to be harnessed more and made available to the everyday person's advantage.

I'd buy a solar powered car. They really should start working on that. Or maybe they have and I just am not in the loop. I'll be watching for it. Surely if we can send people to space, we can make a converter of some kind that can turn solar power into energy for vehicles to run off of.  It seems so obvious.