Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm having a real issue with Mother Nature this year, although I used her favourably in a new song I just finished composing. But honestly, I'm downright pissed at her. I don't know how many weekends had to be cancelled for Thor and I due to weather related events in the past year, but it's far too many. And now, it's been totally beautiful for the past week, tons of sunshine, no precipitation, so we make plans only to find out that now, the forecast is completely different and there's going to be snow potentially getting in the way of me going... AGAIN. What the balls, MN. Seriously. Couldn't you have made it snow during the week and give us a nice weekend for driving and relaxing? Why do you HAVE to foil my plans SO often?! There's still time to change your mind, MN. Be the bigger entity here, do the right thing.


Jules :Ogrr!


SIMON said...

What?! A Canadian commenting and complaining about weather..... Surely not!!!

In the end Mother Nature will do the right thing I'm sure!

Jules said...

I disregarded the snow, left later than normal so as to time it perfectly when the snow would be melted off the roads. I totally kicked it's ass.