Friday, April 04, 2014

The Save-On Birds...

I'll take a second to introduce you.. these are the "Save-On Foods Sparrows," as I have dubbed them. They live in a relatively small group of about 20 or so and hang out in the bushes in the parking lot there, mostly around the fire hydrant. They're always there in the spring, and into the summer they can still be seen there, as well. I like to park right in front of their favorite bush and watch them for a while before I get out of my car.  This first pic I took through my windshield, so it's not the clearest photo, but it works.. I need a new windshield, badly. 

When I came back out, they were enjoying a bird bath in a small puddle that was half shaded by an ambulance. The FireMedics had gone in to buy groceries, and thought I was snapping pics of their rig, but I told them I was more attracted to the birds bathing in the puddle. Their faces all lit up (all 5 of them) and one remarked, "Oh!! I hadn't even noticed the birds!" Then we all stood there for a moment, watching them frolic in the puddle.

I smiled back and thought to myself "How could you not notice the birds?"

Jules :O)
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SIMON said...

Lovely post!! That middle picture is delightful.

Funny how the emergency services get so possessive of their vehicles when after all they belong to the city or province!!

Jules said...

Thanks! Ya, they weren't really being possessive, I don't think. One of them said they'd make the others pose in front of it for a pic, even. I think he was a little let down when I said I was watching the birds bathe.. LOL