Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Oil Pulling Results...

On April 18th, I said I was going to try oil pulling and see what happened. Here's what I have found so far, almost a month and a half later.

Oil used: LIQUID Coconut Oil (not the hard stuff that you have to melt first).
Swish Guide: I take my meds in the morning and then first thing after that, I squirt about a tablespoon of the oil in my  mouth and swish actively for 15 - 20 minutes while I do my regular morning routine. Then spit it out, rinse my mouth (and the sink), and brush, floss and gargle as normal.

Teeth: My teeth became whiter and more stain proof within the first few days of swishing.

Gums: My gums no longer bled at all when cleaning with the dental pick or flossing after one week.

Ears: Pulling gets rid of the chronic ear aches I tend to have due to allergies. If I get one and swish, it takes the earache away.. that's IF I get one. I have had fewer this spring than ever before. This has been a real drastic improvement and means that I don't have to take allergy pills for ear aches.

Sinuses: Right from day one of pulling, I could feel my sinuses drain completely and they stay drained for the vast majority of my waking day. They clog up again a little bit at night and then they drain when I swish every morning. Again, no more need for allergy pills to unclog the sinuses!

Tongue: It might be just coincidental, but swishing seems to have taken away my tongue woes. For a long time now, I've felt the burning sensation on my tongue as if it was scalded. I was told it was due to dry mouth, and likely because my salivary glands could have gotten messed up during my radiation treatment. But since I have been swishing, my tongue hasn't bothered me. I did, have another variable, however. I stopped eating lemons and drinking lemon water. So that may have also helped. So this one is a "possibly helped" scenario.

Joints: I have been doing a lot of contractor work, which includes a lot of bending, lifting, and movement. Normally my knees would kill me after a full day of this work, but I'm pleased to say that more often than not, they are ok now. I've only had to treat them for pain a few times, and for me, that's an improvement.

Headaches: Well... this is an area I don't think oil pulling has helped me with. The exception being if my headaches before were sinus related, because with my sinuses being cleared every morning, I'm not getting sinus headaches any more. Just stress headaches and other such things.

Constipation: I also don't think it's helped me with that issue, unfortunately. I thought that I would just swallow some fresh coconut oil one day to see if that would help, but it sort of made my stomach upset.

Candidiasis: I can't say whether this has helped with that or not, but I haven't had a current outbreak, and I haven't had to take my monthly dose of Flucazonole (sp?) for it either this month.

Skin: I still get hormonal pimple outbreaks, unfortunately.

VERDICT: I will definitely continue to do oil pulling with the liquid coconut oil. I think that there are some very good benefits from doing it, and it is a natural process that is a chemical free way of treating some of the things I normally had to take medication for. Anything that allows me to NOT have to take meds is good and worth doing in my books. Coconut oil is pricey, but it's less than the cost of all the medications I used to take, or teeth whitening things, or products for dry mouth, etc. 

Recommendation: I recommend you try oil pulling with coconut oil once a day for 2 full weeks and see if it helps some of the things that ail you!! 

Jules :Oswish!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thyroidectomy Update...

It's one year and almost 8 months since my total thyroidectomy. I'm here to tell you that so far, it's all working out. I have been a bit edgy lately though. In 2 Mondays, I have an appointment at the Cross Cancer Institute, to see if my bloodwork that I just had done says I still have thyroid cancer or not. If I still have cancer markers in my blood, I guess I'll have to continue to receive treatment and be under the watchful eyes at the Cross. I am nervous because the medication I just had to have injected prior to this test was really expensive and they didn't tell me to do anything different with my diet this time. No special salt/iodine considerations, no changes in my synthroid medication. Last time, I couldn't eat anything with sodium in it. I'm hoping I did as I was supposed to (I called them to clarify and they said no changes were necessary) and that when I go see my oncologist, he says "You're cured! Let's touch base in 5 years!"

I feel much better than I have in ages, and aside from a few comparatively minor health things, I seem to be in pretty good shape. People don't even notice my scar anymore and sometimes I even forget that it's there. But you know.. it's hard on the psyche, this whole thing is. It's an emotional roller coaster and while I know deep down I'm strong enough to go receive the verdict, I'm still afraid.

I guess the continued treatment would be having to receive more radioactive iodine and be in isolation for another 12 - 14 days. I dread that, because as much as there is technology (skype, the telephone, and social media) to keep me company, being in solitude for that many days was extremely difficult. I guess this time I would learn and write more music, and maybe finish another children's book. I have a few antique books that I bought and haven't read all the way through yet. I could do that. And it's warmer now, I could be outside in the yard lots. I'd have the most manicured yard in the subdivision.

Anyway, that's just an update. You know what? It is all scary, going through this process. But it's doable. It's not the end. If you're someone with a thyroid condition, I urge you to face it and attack it head on, right now. Don't wait. Because as scary as it may seem, being pro-active about it will do you wonders.

Jules :Oj

Monday, May 26, 2014

Rocky Mountain Wonders...

Rocky Mountain Wonders... hmmm... could be the name of a song... 

The views around Fairmont Hot Springs are lovely to behold. Look up, especially this time of year, and you're likely to see some large birds of prey. This eagle soared above us and then disappeared after a few circles. I don't have a great big camera, but my little canon zoomed in well enough to capture this one. 

The bears have come out of hibernation and have babies all around now. It's not at all rare to see a black bear while driving through Kootenay National Park in the spring. They're often along the roadside eating up the dandelions. But, it IS rare to see a grizzly bear in Kootenay and especially one with 2 little cubs. It was raining, and conditions weren't great for photography, but I managed to get this photo from inside my car. On the entire trip, I spotted a grand total of 8 bears this time around. I had my bear spray, but it still makes me a bit of a nervous hiker. I suppose I should be just as (if not more) wary of cougars.

An easy hike up to the top of the HooDoo's just south of Fairmont was a really nice thing to do this time. It only takes about 30 minutes to get there, though it's a bit of a climb. Thor and I only encountered 1 garter snake, thank goodness. I used to be so clueless about being in nature. Ticks, wildlife that will attack and eat you, bugs that will sting you, ground that could give way, snakes that could poison you... it's a dangerous place if you aren't mindful. It's just so easy to get caught up in the beauty of it all and forget about what's lurking. Take this beauty, for example. Must be a flower of the daisy family. They have very large leafy foliage and they bloom in clusters of up to half a dozen all over fields and the mountainside there this time of year. It's like sunshine living on the mountain. It's so pretty. Exactly the same color as dandelions, yet somehow so much more beautiful.

So enjoy nature, be mindful, be prepared (ie. bear spray AND a camera!). That's my suggestion of the day.

Jules :OD
My photos are copyright to me, only me. Thanks! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eat the rainbow?

No, I didn't eat this. Are you kidding me? If I attempted that I'd probably break out in a head to toe rash! Not to say I wouldn't if I could... So I enjoyed it through the lens. My friend's little boy was about to chow down on it, but not before I snapped this pretty rainbow sprinkle photo. How happy and colorful, hey? 

They say that you should teach children and adults for that matter, to "eat the rainbow". I don't think they had this in mind when they published that thought.

Jules :Oj

Photo copyright to me. Thank you! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi graffiti...

While it appears the wording is slightly off, I have to say that I totally loved this graffiti when I passed by it last summer. Sadly, I don't think it's still there. Either that's sad, or it's sad that I've become so used to it being there that perhaps I no longer notice it. I will make an effort to be mindful when I pass by there next time and look. I think it would be a terrible shame if it was painted over or removed somehow. What's wrong with a little bit of a reminder to be a better person? 

After all.. it really is great advice, isn't it!

Jules :O)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

wildlife, of the smaller variety...

I took Thanan for a nature walk a little while back and we went to this place where I've had these chickadees come land on my hands. This time, we went armed with sunflower seeds and the determination to lure in some wildlife. We were successful! 

We also came across this squirrel which we lured to a low lying log and offered sunflower seeds to.. raw seeds, of course. Notice the little chip taken out of his ear. We named this one something because of that missing piece of ear, but I can't remember what it was. Chippy? I don't know. Sure was a cute one though.

Jules :O)
I retain all rights to my photography. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A dreamy poem...

I often dream of strangers
Their faces clear but unknown
We share all sorts together
We hang and explore, eat scones

I don't know who these people are
But I figure there's no need to worry
They don't hurt or make fun of me
We're never in a hurry

I may not have friends fall all over me
At times it can be lonely
But at least I have my dreamy friends
And I'm not a one and only

Jules :Oj

trek the globe...

Well, I put one of the hearts too far east and in the wrong state (pay attention, Jules, sheesh)... but this illustrates why I love globes so much. It takes something that seems so distant and makes it seem so close and attainable. In the grand scheme of things, it's really not that far apart. And we really have everything we need in just 3 states and two provinces. It's like our own little special place on earth. 

Thor gave me this globe a few weeks ago. It's a nice large one, and it comes on/in a pretty wooden stand. I need to find a tall square table to display it on. I'm keeping my eyes open every where I go. 

Jules :O)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I've lost my mojo...

Words of the day:


Here's hoping tomorrow will be less turbulent.

Jules :O(

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Appreciating the views...

The view from my coffee perch this morning, out behind the cabin. It was foggy, chilly, and perfect.

On the way back inside, I spotted a bunch of dew drops hanging around, enjoying the warming sun.

From the swinging bench at the end of Lake Invermere... a peaceful and calming place to spend some time with your loved one. 

And then, a love note written in the sky for me from Thor, reminding me that he's always with me, even when we have had to say a temporary goodbye.

Jules :O)
As always, my photos are copyright to me. 

Sunday, May 04, 2014

My strange dream...

Had a totally crazy dream last night that friends of mine decided to go all nutty. The guy grew his hair out into a permed mullet and the woman decided to take up war with the city's water supply, saying it was laced with harmful chemicals (I assume she meant other than fluoride). They turned into these sort of cult-ish lecture giving entities and I wasn't sure how to respond to them. Together, they were going to merge forces with a strange version of the Greek Gods. Their alliance would take place on a certain time and date stamp where the clouds would form stairs leading up to the God's hideout in the sky. In the meantime, while they were plotting, my son learned to ride a bike (miraculously) because of peer pressure from his best friend, and I was blocking up the back alley with a large table and chair set that I was trying to give away for free. Someone came and took the chairs, but not the table, so I moved it into my backyard and it morphed into a pool lifeguard safety pole thing.. which was good because suddenly I also had a pool in my backyard.

The funniest part was the man's permed mullet. He was so proud of it, and he grew a moustache to go along with the look. The combination was soooo terrible. The only thing that would have made it worse is a beard.

It's nice to wake up with a giggle, anyway.

Jules :O)

Friday, May 02, 2014

Fresh, new, clean...

It was time for a change. Instead of making you all stare at that giant image of myself (I'm certain you're tired of that photo by now.. I mean, it's been there for a couple of years), I think I'll keep a number of photos along the sides like they currently appear, and I'll change them out from time to time. At least, that's the plan... for now. They will continue to be some of my favorites that I snap along the road of life I'm on.

Sound good?

Jules :Oj

My photos are of course mine, and are of course all copyright to me at all times, always, forever more, Amen. But seriously, they are.