Sunday, May 11, 2014

Appreciating the views...

The view from my coffee perch this morning, out behind the cabin. It was foggy, chilly, and perfect.

On the way back inside, I spotted a bunch of dew drops hanging around, enjoying the warming sun.

From the swinging bench at the end of Lake Invermere... a peaceful and calming place to spend some time with your loved one. 

And then, a love note written in the sky for me from Thor, reminding me that he's always with me, even when we have had to say a temporary goodbye.

Jules :O)
As always, my photos are copyright to me. 


SIMON said...

The dew drops are amazing and what can I say about you and your heart shaped things?!!
Nice post Jules!

Jules said...

Thanks! The dew looked like tiny diamonds in the cedars. Pretty. Like diamonds in the snow in winter. The heart shaped cloud.. I was amazed! I've never been lucky enough to spot one before!