Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Oil Pulling Results...

On April 18th, I said I was going to try oil pulling and see what happened. Here's what I have found so far, almost a month and a half later.

Oil used: LIQUID Coconut Oil (not the hard stuff that you have to melt first).
Swish Guide: I take my meds in the morning and then first thing after that, I squirt about a tablespoon of the oil in my  mouth and swish actively for 15 - 20 minutes while I do my regular morning routine. Then spit it out, rinse my mouth (and the sink), and brush, floss and gargle as normal.

Teeth: My teeth became whiter and more stain proof within the first few days of swishing.

Gums: My gums no longer bled at all when cleaning with the dental pick or flossing after one week.

Ears: Pulling gets rid of the chronic ear aches I tend to have due to allergies. If I get one and swish, it takes the earache away.. that's IF I get one. I have had fewer this spring than ever before. This has been a real drastic improvement and means that I don't have to take allergy pills for ear aches.

Sinuses: Right from day one of pulling, I could feel my sinuses drain completely and they stay drained for the vast majority of my waking day. They clog up again a little bit at night and then they drain when I swish every morning. Again, no more need for allergy pills to unclog the sinuses!

Tongue: It might be just coincidental, but swishing seems to have taken away my tongue woes. For a long time now, I've felt the burning sensation on my tongue as if it was scalded. I was told it was due to dry mouth, and likely because my salivary glands could have gotten messed up during my radiation treatment. But since I have been swishing, my tongue hasn't bothered me. I did, have another variable, however. I stopped eating lemons and drinking lemon water. So that may have also helped. So this one is a "possibly helped" scenario.

Joints: I have been doing a lot of contractor work, which includes a lot of bending, lifting, and movement. Normally my knees would kill me after a full day of this work, but I'm pleased to say that more often than not, they are ok now. I've only had to treat them for pain a few times, and for me, that's an improvement.

Headaches: Well... this is an area I don't think oil pulling has helped me with. The exception being if my headaches before were sinus related, because with my sinuses being cleared every morning, I'm not getting sinus headaches any more. Just stress headaches and other such things.

Constipation: I also don't think it's helped me with that issue, unfortunately. I thought that I would just swallow some fresh coconut oil one day to see if that would help, but it sort of made my stomach upset.

Candidiasis: I can't say whether this has helped with that or not, but I haven't had a current outbreak, and I haven't had to take my monthly dose of Flucazonole (sp?) for it either this month.

Skin: I still get hormonal pimple outbreaks, unfortunately.

VERDICT: I will definitely continue to do oil pulling with the liquid coconut oil. I think that there are some very good benefits from doing it, and it is a natural process that is a chemical free way of treating some of the things I normally had to take medication for. Anything that allows me to NOT have to take meds is good and worth doing in my books. Coconut oil is pricey, but it's less than the cost of all the medications I used to take, or teeth whitening things, or products for dry mouth, etc. 

Recommendation: I recommend you try oil pulling with coconut oil once a day for 2 full weeks and see if it helps some of the things that ail you!! 

Jules :Oswish!


SIMON said...

A really good set of results and they will actually get better as you continue I'm sure. Well done!

Siddhartha Joshi said...

wow...that's interesting!

Jules said...

Si and Sidds - I ran out of oil for 3 days I didn't pull. It sucked. I was back to being all sinus stuffed up and achy joints. I'm hooked on it now for sure.

You should both give it a try!