Sunday, May 04, 2014

My strange dream...

Had a totally crazy dream last night that friends of mine decided to go all nutty. The guy grew his hair out into a permed mullet and the woman decided to take up war with the city's water supply, saying it was laced with harmful chemicals (I assume she meant other than fluoride). They turned into these sort of cult-ish lecture giving entities and I wasn't sure how to respond to them. Together, they were going to merge forces with a strange version of the Greek Gods. Their alliance would take place on a certain time and date stamp where the clouds would form stairs leading up to the God's hideout in the sky. In the meantime, while they were plotting, my son learned to ride a bike (miraculously) because of peer pressure from his best friend, and I was blocking up the back alley with a large table and chair set that I was trying to give away for free. Someone came and took the chairs, but not the table, so I moved it into my backyard and it morphed into a pool lifeguard safety pole thing.. which was good because suddenly I also had a pool in my backyard.

The funniest part was the man's permed mullet. He was so proud of it, and he grew a moustache to go along with the look. The combination was soooo terrible. The only thing that would have made it worse is a beard.

It's nice to wake up with a giggle, anyway.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Certainly good to wake to a giggle!! ButI guess that only works when you remember your dreams!!

Jules said...

Indeed. I often do remember them, but often they're not worth a giggle. :)