Monday, May 26, 2014

Rocky Mountain Wonders...

Rocky Mountain Wonders... hmmm... could be the name of a song... 

The views around Fairmont Hot Springs are lovely to behold. Look up, especially this time of year, and you're likely to see some large birds of prey. This eagle soared above us and then disappeared after a few circles. I don't have a great big camera, but my little canon zoomed in well enough to capture this one. 

The bears have come out of hibernation and have babies all around now. It's not at all rare to see a black bear while driving through Kootenay National Park in the spring. They're often along the roadside eating up the dandelions. But, it IS rare to see a grizzly bear in Kootenay and especially one with 2 little cubs. It was raining, and conditions weren't great for photography, but I managed to get this photo from inside my car. On the entire trip, I spotted a grand total of 8 bears this time around. I had my bear spray, but it still makes me a bit of a nervous hiker. I suppose I should be just as (if not more) wary of cougars.

An easy hike up to the top of the HooDoo's just south of Fairmont was a really nice thing to do this time. It only takes about 30 minutes to get there, though it's a bit of a climb. Thor and I only encountered 1 garter snake, thank goodness. I used to be so clueless about being in nature. Ticks, wildlife that will attack and eat you, bugs that will sting you, ground that could give way, snakes that could poison you... it's a dangerous place if you aren't mindful. It's just so easy to get caught up in the beauty of it all and forget about what's lurking. Take this beauty, for example. Must be a flower of the daisy family. They have very large leafy foliage and they bloom in clusters of up to half a dozen all over fields and the mountainside there this time of year. It's like sunshine living on the mountain. It's so pretty. Exactly the same color as dandelions, yet somehow so much more beautiful.

So enjoy nature, be mindful, be prepared (ie. bear spray AND a camera!). That's my suggestion of the day.

Jules :OD
My photos are copyright to me, only me. Thanks! 


SIMON said...

Beautiful pics as ever Jules.
Love the bear family!!

don said...

I like the new look!

Jules said...

Si - Thanks, yes that was a good capture. I wish it had been better quality, but the composition is nice!

Don - Thank you! I'm glad you do! :*