Wednesday, May 21, 2014

wildlife, of the smaller variety...

I took Thanan for a nature walk a little while back and we went to this place where I've had these chickadees come land on my hands. This time, we went armed with sunflower seeds and the determination to lure in some wildlife. We were successful! 

We also came across this squirrel which we lured to a low lying log and offered sunflower seeds to.. raw seeds, of course. Notice the little chip taken out of his ear. We named this one something because of that missing piece of ear, but I can't remember what it was. Chippy? I don't know. Sure was a cute one though.

Jules :O)
I retain all rights to my photography. 


SIMON said...

I bet Thanan was impressed, your 'squidger' is gorgeous!!

Jules said...

What's a squidger?

Thanan was terribly impressed!!

SIMON said...

A squirrel!! But a 'squidge' is what you give a baby or a small animal, a sort of playful pinchy hand hug. What you do when you say Aww!! in real life!!
Both terms are Northern English!!

Jules said...

Hmm, I see! Thanks for clarifying!