Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I've been told recently that boredom is the precursor to depression. If you keep active, your body will be healthier, and if you keep mentally engaged in something, your mind will also stay healthy.

So it's best to always keep busy doing something engaging. Best for your body and your mind.

Today is a good illustration. Thor had to leave to go back to the States, but instead of staying home and thinking about him being gone, I went out and painted with the contractor guy I work with. So all day, I had stuff to keep my body and my mind busy (because the contractor guy loves to talk talk talk and I had to focus on the professional paint job I was laying down). The absence of Thor didn't hit me hard until I returned to my house.. where I don't have anything really active going on and I have enough down time to sit and think about him not being here. I didn't get all choked up until now.

Craptastic. I love having him around me sooo much, and it never gets any easier to say goodbye. Guh.

I guess it's good that I'm going back out to paint some more after the kids leave. Keep occupied, stay sane... don't miss him so much.

Well, I'll miss him all the same. I just won't be dwelling on it to the point of crying. That'll be good, I guess.

Jules :O(


SIMON said...

Yeah goodbyes can be horrid can't they and they never get any easier but it's good that you know how to do 'damage control'.
Hoping for you that one day there won't be the need for the good byes!

Jules said...

Yes, especially when you live with an echolailiac who won't stop saying "Thor's gone, he went home, Thor left..." etc. over and over again. Ugh.