Sunday, June 15, 2014

You may go now, Julie...

I hold my breath. It's hard to breathe and my heart beats at a thousand miles per hour. She begins with a brief overview and then says, "This number shows if the test was good, and it was an accurate test, and this number is the actual test result. Your results were very favorable, you no longer show markers of having cancer. Let me just double check with Dr. Jha, but I think we're going to discharge you today." She continues to answer a few immediate questions.

The intern leaves the room and I look at Thor and fill to the brim with emotion. I start to cry a little bit, tears of absolute joy. He looks completely thrilled and relieved at the exact same time.

She comes back within 2 or 3 minutes and confirms it. "Yes, we are discharging you and from now on you will just need to have regular bloodwork done with your doctor back home, unless far down the road there is any need to come back to The Cross." A few more questions answered, a prescription written for a full year and we shake hands, say our thank you's and walk out the door.

It's been nearly 2 years since my initial diagnosis. Today, I am cancer free. I no longer have thyroid cancer. And the chances of me ever getting it again are very slim.. only 10% or less after 30 years from now, because I had all 3 possible treatments and continue to take a high enough dose of the synthroid med.

Being told  you have cancer is THE scariest thing in the world (until you've experienced that, I'm not sure you can even imagine how scary it is). Being told you are cured and can be discharged from your cancer treatment center is THE most amazing thing in the world (there are some very amazing things, this one tops them all).

This is my new reality.

Jules :Ooverthemoon!!!


SIMON said...

I can not add to your "Over the moon" except maybe ....for you!!!

Jules said...

Thank you!!!