Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Have a look!

Last night I took some photos of the flowers that dress up my yard. I thought I'd share some with you, just because they're pretty, and colorful, and such a beautiful part of life on this earth. I have many more flowers but some have passed their most photogenic state.. I should have been out sooner in the season taking pics. 

Red White and Blue.. or Red and White in Blue. The white one is a simple variety called "bocopa". It's bloom is small, not larger than a woman's index fingernail, and grows as a trailing plant. I put it in an old, deliciously blue metal pail with brilliant red geraniums. It's probably my favorite planter this year.

Asiatic Lily, orange. Some people would say this is a tiger lily, but it's not. It blooms mid summer, and is a wonderful pop of color. There are countless varieties of asiatic lily, all with different colors and bloom times. Totally worth having in a flowerbed. I love the lily's stamen and pistil. Isn't it cool that flowers contain both male and female reproductive organs?

I have no idea how this happened. See the ultramarine blue in the background here? That's the color this delphinium is supposed to be.. a violet-blue with black centers.. and most of it did turn out that way. But somehow, it grew a few stems that have these soft pastel pink mixed with blue flowers. They are so pretty, even prettier close up and in the end of day sunlight. The blossoms are an inch large and rise up the length of the stem a good foot or more each stem. Careful if you plant them though. They need protection from the wind and they need to be supported or they'll fall over.

Every year, I can't wait to see this one bloom. It pops open mid-summer and lasts for a few weeks. It never seems to spread, staying in a nice tidy clump. It's an Aglaia Shasta Daisy. How pretty.

Speaking of stamen and pistils.. Check out the center of my portulaca flowers! I planted these in metal buckets lines with mulch at the bottom, and I hang them from my fence in the back yard, three of them. Holy smokes, do they ever like that treatment. It was my first year with them, I'll do them again, but maybe next time in an assortment of colors. This year, they are all this hot hot pink color. Their blooms are about one inch in diameter and they never stop blooming all summer long once they start. But they have to be dead-headed or they begin to look terribly messy as the old blooms dry up and turn brown.

A surprise began to grow in my front garden bed this year. As you know, I'm a fan of moss. I don't know if that's what this is, but it's adorable and doesn't seem to spread too much, so I'm keeping it. Accompanying it is a fern of some sort that I never planted which started to grow last year suddenly, between some of the rocks in my rock bed. I'm keeping that too. I love ferns. This one, though, is adorable. It's like tiny little palm trees. This was super macroed, the little "trees" aren't more than 1cm tall (less than half an inch). Too cute to get rid of.

I already showed the portulaca bloom, but this was fascinating. As I pulled off all the dead blooms, they revealed these little pods and buds where new flowers will grow in. It almost looks like a pretty red star forming, if you count the succulent-like leaves.

Now, I really ought to get off the computer and go water these beautiful little babies before they wither in this terrible heat wave we're having!

Jules :Olovely!
My photos are copyright only to me, you can't take them. Ok!


SIMON said...

Superb pics every last one of them Jules.
Those baby ferns though just steal the show!!

Thank you for sharing them.

Jules said...

It's my pleasure! Or my indulgence... whichever way you look at it. :)