Thursday, July 17, 2014

Learning, Trying, Growing...

New hobbies are fun.. especially when they just sort of fall into your lap and become something you enjoy, and even more so when you can tie them in with another hobby you already love. Recently I started to do sketches on canvas. First, I photograph something and then using that for reference, I draw them in with a pencil, then ink them in for a permanent effect, shading and adding to them as I go. So far I've done 8 different drawings on canvas. The first 4 were to commemorate my 4th anniversary with Thor (I know, can you believe it?!). I showed those to my coordinator at work and she loved them so much she remarked "Oh! That style would be perfect for this photograph I have of my parent's old farm!" So I told her to send me a photo of it and I'd play around with it and see what I could come up with. I finished that one in about 7 hours, on a canvas much larger than the 4 small ones I did for Thor. When I gave it to her, as a gift, she was speechless and tears welled in her eyes as she took it in. She said it was one of the most precious and beautiful things anyone had ever given her. She said I should do more. I showed a photograph of my drawing to my friends and family and they agreed that I should do more. For my 38th birthday, my sister gave me a gift card for Michaels, specifically so that I could go get more canvases and supplies for this new journey. Since then, I've done 3 more, but one of them failed miserably. The other two are really good though. They appeal to people who can relate to perfectly imperfect things in a grayscale sort of world.

Maybe someday I'll get up enough of a collection of works that I'll take them and see if I can get on display at the local art rooms around the city. I doubt I'll ever sell any of them, but they sure are well received by the people who've seen them so far. And maybe someday, I'll decide to display them online. Until then, you'll just have to use your imagination.

Jules :Ogrowing!


SIMON said...

I bet they are fantastic, knowing how good your other creative skills are!! Why couldn't you sell them?
But you must get them seen by people and then people will buy them!!

Definitely need pictures of them - here!!

Jules said...

I think that when I get enough of them done, I may try and sell some. I've been commissioned to do another of one that I've already drawn. :) I'm scared that if I post them on here, people will take them illegally somehow. :(