Friday, August 22, 2014


Here I am thinking that I'm doing a nice thing today by letting Thanan's best friend come over and play. They're here for all of 40 minutes and they come upstairs and, in the fashion that kids tend to do, proclaim that they'd rather be over at the friend's house because "it's so much better over there."

I told them no, that wasn't arranged, and said that they can play here just as well as they can play there. I was told it's cooler over there, there's more to do and then more begging to leave this house ensued.

Here's the advantage that his folks' house has over mine. There's only one. Gaming machine(s). Well maybe two.. he also has a trampoline in his back yard.

What the hell is wrong with kids today where given the full run of the basement, with all sorts of toys and lego, a flat screen tv with access to YouTube and Netflix, freedom to play whatever they want, snacks and nourishment, an appropriate level of privacy and a non-nagging parent isn't enough to satisfy them. My basement is a really cool kid hang out space, and it's not good enough because there's no damned xBox or Wii. The friend even brought over his personal iPad with games on it and THAT's not even good enough. You can't play Halo on that, you see. Or the full version of Mine Craft or any of the other "cool" games.

What happened to imaginative play? What happened to role playing games and just being happy to have a friend to share the day with? I don't get it. When I compare this to my childhood, it just seems like such a spoiled, entitled existence, despite my efforts not to spoil Thanan so that he stays thankful and grounded. We used to just spend hours upon hours listening to music in our bedrooms or playing with our barbie dolls, or in the yard with our dog, or at the nearby playground. We didn't need gaming then. We had an Atari, we didn't spend all our time on it. I preferred to be with friends, exploring and living a whole world of excitement just in the park because we used our imaginations.

It's hard not to be hurt when you are told that your place pretty much sucks and they'd rather play elsewhere. That's just a major downer.

Jules :O(

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just be nicer...

I just bought an 80+ year old man's groceries at the store. It was cream and bananas. I didn't think he needed to spend his money on such a small grocery list, so as I was having mine rung through I looked at him and told him "Can I buy those for you? My treat, today, if that's ok?". 

He replied "Oh My!! Thank you so very much, young lady. Thank you, thank you!!!" as he patted my shoulder and flashed me a huge smile with eyes that looked glossy with oncoming tears.

The astonishing thing was not that I bought them, but how overly thankful he was, and the amount of praise that I received, not just from him, but from the clerk and the other patron in line behind him. They acted like I was a hero. It made me think: "What has the world come to if stuff like this tiny act of kindness is such a huge deal?" It added not even $3 to my bill. It really wasn't a big deal. But it might have been for him, he was fumbling around with his change and it looked like he may not have enough. Seniors have a hard time making ends meat in this world today. I didn't want to see him have to go without his bananas and cream, because it was probably all this man would eat today, knowing what tiny appetites seniors of that age can tend to have, and what a struggle things can be sometimes for them. 

People, the world would be a kinder place if we could all do something nice for someone else every day. It really doesn't take much.

Jules :Oj

Monday, August 18, 2014

kissing kayaks...

We had been talking about it for quite some time now, and this weekend we finally did it. Thor brought the kayaks up from the States so we could kayak around Invermere Lake, BC. Here's a photo of our kayaks kissing, before we headed out on the water. 

My overall impression was good, however, this is quite an active lake for people and their motorized sporting. Sea-dooing and water skiing were popular and with the giant waves that the big motor boats produce, kayaking can be a bit of a challenge as their wakes take over the area. Not wanting to capsize, you have to pay attention and take the wake head on. I think kayaking on a quiet and more remote lake is more enjoyable, or one where there aren't as many huge boats. It did offer a totally different perspective of the lake and the residences there. There are some mansions that line the lake that just sort of made me shake my head and think "how can anyone possibly fill that house full of people on a regular basis to make that property be worthwhile?" It seems as though a lot of people don't really care for the modest lifestyle so much anymore. It's not good enough to have a house on the lake. Now they have to have a mansion on the lake instead. I think that's wasteful and unnecessary, though they are interesting to gawk at. The thing is, I just think stuff like: how will they heat that? Is it energy efficient? Is it solar powered? How much energy would a place like that consume? What about wastewater for a place that size, with that many bathrooms? Will all that wood rot and need replacing and major maintenance through the years?

Here's an example of one of them. It's still under construction. It has 4 main buildings, I think, and a massive outdoor living area. It's big enough to be a resort. Beautiful, but waaaay overdone for any sort of sensibility... but that's just my opinion.

Invermere Lake is a pretty lake, and when the skies are clear, it comes with a wonderful view of the mountains, and I did enjoy the perspective from the water, as opposed to just hanging out on Kinsmen Beach or the public beach. So if you can go out on the water, do.

Jules :O)

Photos copyright to me. :) 

Friday, August 08, 2014

I will win this...

I hate bugs. I hate them outside on a good day, but I hate them even more on a day when I find them inside my house. Actually, I recognize that they have their place outside, so I can tolerate them ok out there. One or two stray ones are no big deal inside the house if you swat them right away, but when I come back to my house after a 3.5 day getaway to find a fly population of about 30 or 40 alive/dead flies, it's like something out of a horror movie to me. Just when I think I've gotten them all, another 6 show up the next day. Then again, that must be all of them, but for the next 3 days, 3 or 4 more appear each day. They are driving me absolutely crazy.

Finally today I found the outside source and the garbage truck took it away this morning. I ruthlessly killed any of the remaining larvae that I saw in the garbage pail out back (I must have looked like a mad woman), and today I paid an arm and a leg to have all of my air ducts and vents cleaned out. I put screening on all my outside vents so they can't come in, and filled in any holes around doors. I have no holes in any of my screens. So PLEASE GOD, let me not find any more effing flies inside my house after today. I beg of you.

I feel like a prisoner in my house because I can't leave for more than half a day or I risk flies finding each other and mating and starting the whole thing all over again. Luckily, the type of fly I have isn't one that lays insane amount of eggs and they die off without a food source, but I mean seriously. It's really bumming me out. But I'll get the little effers. I will.

Stay outside where you won't get killed, cuz if you come in my house, it's lights out for you, flies.

Tell you what though... even though I'm a good housekeeper, my house has never been cleaner than it is right now.

UPDATE: No more flies! I cleaned, had my furnace and air ducts scrubbed, took my garbage out to the garage nightly, never opened the doors for more than 20 seconds at a time, hung fly strips inside the window casings downstairs, bought a fly trap for outside in the yard, taped off my basement windows, screened off all outside vents and voila! No more flies. Thank God. I WIN.

Jules :Ogrrrr!!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Take my advice...

Solve little problems or issues before they compound and become overwhelming.

It started with dirty air ducts that need cleaning. I let that one slide for far too long. Still haven't called a company to come clean them, so I'm always battling the never ending layer of dust. Then I noticed that there's a very small crack in the bathtub fiberglass. Not under warranty, I've put off fixing that. My toilet paper holder came out of the wall, anchors and all. Instead of fixing that, I moved a small chest of drawers in front until I can get around to fixing it. Then all of a sudden, my kitchen tap decided to spring a lazy leak. Being unable to twist it apart to diagnose the problem, I decided to give up and eventually call a plumber to come fix it, which I haven't done yet.  Then I noticed that both of the door stops on my bathroom door are bent and don't work to stop the door anymore. That is the only one I've managed to fix... well, half fix. I flattened out one of the stops and put it back on, but before I noticed the other one was also bent, I put my hammer away and was too lazy to go back out to the garage and get it to do the other one. The tv's going on the fritz too. It takes 3 tries to get it to turn on. The first time you press power, it does nothing. The second time it turns on without sound. The third time it usually works like it should. Ridiculous. It's a tv that my mom passed on to me, a really nice flat screen, but now it's malfunctioning.

I guess my point here is that if I had taken care of these little issues one at a time as they occurred, they wouldn't all have piled up to a point where they are overwhelming me. Fix this, fix that, new this, new that, money money money. I felt good about fixing the door stop. I didn't have to go buy new ones. I'll fix the other one too.

It's a disgrace, really. I'm supposed to be this hard core DIYer that can tackle anything, super organized and never a procrastinator. Hmmph. I wonder where those qualities are slipping away to.

Jules :Oslippingaway!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

a sweaty understanding...

Underwear must have been invented for sopping hot days like what we've been going through. At least that's what I've decided. On occasion, I like to go commando and bypass the panties so that I won't be sporting panty-lines if I'm wearing my yoga pants or whatever. I haven't become friends with the "thong" yet to date, so the alternative is going without them at all. 

Recently, however, I discovered that they serve a very good purpose in the hottest of summer days. They soak up the sweat. I went to meet some of Thor's family when I'd gone on vacation last time, and it was the hottest of hot days I've probably ever been in. So naturally, my brain thought "the less clothing I have to wear the better, the cooler I'll be". Well not only was that wrong, but time and time again, I'd get up from a sitting position and my capri's would literally have lines of sweat where the fabric had gathered when I'd crossed my legs. Now this is where men benefit with their wide spread legs. Women are trained to sit properly with their legs crossed. Body heat festers, skin sweats and I'm telling you, if you're not wearing panties on such a hot day, the sweat just contaminates your pants (I would say saturates, but that's a little extreme). So, try explaining why you have wet crotch lines to everyone sitting around in the circle when you get up to go pee and you already look like you've wet yourself! Luckily, the pants I was wearing were really quick to dry, so with some precise positioning, I could get dry before embarrassing myself. Finally, I was given a bottle of water that had condensation on it, I purposely let it fall into my lap and then announced that the water had gotten my pants wet. Disguised. Saved. No-one seemed to have noticed the previous problem I was having up till then, or if they had, they hadn't said anything. 

Next time, I will just wear panties and not mind the panty lines... a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. 

Jules :Oack!