Saturday, August 02, 2014

a sweaty understanding...

Underwear must have been invented for sopping hot days like what we've been going through. At least that's what I've decided. On occasion, I like to go commando and bypass the panties so that I won't be sporting panty-lines if I'm wearing my yoga pants or whatever. I haven't become friends with the "thong" yet to date, so the alternative is going without them at all. 

Recently, however, I discovered that they serve a very good purpose in the hottest of summer days. They soak up the sweat. I went to meet some of Thor's family when I'd gone on vacation last time, and it was the hottest of hot days I've probably ever been in. So naturally, my brain thought "the less clothing I have to wear the better, the cooler I'll be". Well not only was that wrong, but time and time again, I'd get up from a sitting position and my capri's would literally have lines of sweat where the fabric had gathered when I'd crossed my legs. Now this is where men benefit with their wide spread legs. Women are trained to sit properly with their legs crossed. Body heat festers, skin sweats and I'm telling you, if you're not wearing panties on such a hot day, the sweat just contaminates your pants (I would say saturates, but that's a little extreme). So, try explaining why you have wet crotch lines to everyone sitting around in the circle when you get up to go pee and you already look like you've wet yourself! Luckily, the pants I was wearing were really quick to dry, so with some precise positioning, I could get dry before embarrassing myself. Finally, I was given a bottle of water that had condensation on it, I purposely let it fall into my lap and then announced that the water had gotten my pants wet. Disguised. Saved. No-one seemed to have noticed the previous problem I was having up till then, or if they had, they hadn't said anything. 

Next time, I will just wear panties and not mind the panty lines... a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. 

Jules :Oack!


SIMON said...

I think I PMSL - literally!!

Jules said...

Hahaha.. glad it struck you funny!