Friday, August 22, 2014


Here I am thinking that I'm doing a nice thing today by letting Thanan's best friend come over and play. They're here for all of 40 minutes and they come upstairs and, in the fashion that kids tend to do, proclaim that they'd rather be over at the friend's house because "it's so much better over there."

I told them no, that wasn't arranged, and said that they can play here just as well as they can play there. I was told it's cooler over there, there's more to do and then more begging to leave this house ensued.

Here's the advantage that his folks' house has over mine. There's only one. Gaming machine(s). Well maybe two.. he also has a trampoline in his back yard.

What the hell is wrong with kids today where given the full run of the basement, with all sorts of toys and lego, a flat screen tv with access to YouTube and Netflix, freedom to play whatever they want, snacks and nourishment, an appropriate level of privacy and a non-nagging parent isn't enough to satisfy them. My basement is a really cool kid hang out space, and it's not good enough because there's no damned xBox or Wii. The friend even brought over his personal iPad with games on it and THAT's not even good enough. You can't play Halo on that, you see. Or the full version of Mine Craft or any of the other "cool" games.

What happened to imaginative play? What happened to role playing games and just being happy to have a friend to share the day with? I don't get it. When I compare this to my childhood, it just seems like such a spoiled, entitled existence, despite my efforts not to spoil Thanan so that he stays thankful and grounded. We used to just spend hours upon hours listening to music in our bedrooms or playing with our barbie dolls, or in the yard with our dog, or at the nearby playground. We didn't need gaming then. We had an Atari, we didn't spend all our time on it. I preferred to be with friends, exploring and living a whole world of excitement just in the park because we used our imaginations.

It's hard not to be hurt when you are told that your place pretty much sucks and they'd rather play elsewhere. That's just a major downer.

Jules :O(


don said...

keep fighting the good fight

SIMON said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean!! But if kids don't see it right now they will eventually if you don't back down.
Oh and they don't mean to hurt when they say they would rather be somewhere else!!

Jules said...

I intent to, Don.. it's hard sometimes though. Who'd have thought I'd have to worry about giving into peer pressure at my age?!

Si - I know they don't mean to hurt, and I shouldn't let it, either. It just caught me at a tough time, I suppose.