Monday, August 18, 2014

kissing kayaks...

We had been talking about it for quite some time now, and this weekend we finally did it. Thor brought the kayaks up from the States so we could kayak around Invermere Lake, BC. Here's a photo of our kayaks kissing, before we headed out on the water. 

My overall impression was good, however, this is quite an active lake for people and their motorized sporting. Sea-dooing and water skiing were popular and with the giant waves that the big motor boats produce, kayaking can be a bit of a challenge as their wakes take over the area. Not wanting to capsize, you have to pay attention and take the wake head on. I think kayaking on a quiet and more remote lake is more enjoyable, or one where there aren't as many huge boats. It did offer a totally different perspective of the lake and the residences there. There are some mansions that line the lake that just sort of made me shake my head and think "how can anyone possibly fill that house full of people on a regular basis to make that property be worthwhile?" It seems as though a lot of people don't really care for the modest lifestyle so much anymore. It's not good enough to have a house on the lake. Now they have to have a mansion on the lake instead. I think that's wasteful and unnecessary, though they are interesting to gawk at. The thing is, I just think stuff like: how will they heat that? Is it energy efficient? Is it solar powered? How much energy would a place like that consume? What about wastewater for a place that size, with that many bathrooms? Will all that wood rot and need replacing and major maintenance through the years?

Here's an example of one of them. It's still under construction. It has 4 main buildings, I think, and a massive outdoor living area. It's big enough to be a resort. Beautiful, but waaaay overdone for any sort of sensibility... but that's just my opinion.

Invermere Lake is a pretty lake, and when the skies are clear, it comes with a wonderful view of the mountains, and I did enjoy the perspective from the water, as opposed to just hanging out on Kinsmen Beach or the public beach. So if you can go out on the water, do.

Jules :O)

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SIMON said...

Lovely post Jules painted all the right pictures of kayaking!
As to the mansions, well they do present photo opportunities and will continue to do so for years to come, therefore they do play a part in recording the social history of an area!!

Jules said...