Sunday, August 03, 2014

Take my advice...

Solve little problems or issues before they compound and become overwhelming.

It started with dirty air ducts that need cleaning. I let that one slide for far too long. Still haven't called a company to come clean them, so I'm always battling the never ending layer of dust. Then I noticed that there's a very small crack in the bathtub fiberglass. Not under warranty, I've put off fixing that. My toilet paper holder came out of the wall, anchors and all. Instead of fixing that, I moved a small chest of drawers in front until I can get around to fixing it. Then all of a sudden, my kitchen tap decided to spring a lazy leak. Being unable to twist it apart to diagnose the problem, I decided to give up and eventually call a plumber to come fix it, which I haven't done yet.  Then I noticed that both of the door stops on my bathroom door are bent and don't work to stop the door anymore. That is the only one I've managed to fix... well, half fix. I flattened out one of the stops and put it back on, but before I noticed the other one was also bent, I put my hammer away and was too lazy to go back out to the garage and get it to do the other one. The tv's going on the fritz too. It takes 3 tries to get it to turn on. The first time you press power, it does nothing. The second time it turns on without sound. The third time it usually works like it should. Ridiculous. It's a tv that my mom passed on to me, a really nice flat screen, but now it's malfunctioning.

I guess my point here is that if I had taken care of these little issues one at a time as they occurred, they wouldn't all have piled up to a point where they are overwhelming me. Fix this, fix that, new this, new that, money money money. I felt good about fixing the door stop. I didn't have to go buy new ones. I'll fix the other one too.

It's a disgrace, really. I'm supposed to be this hard core DIYer that can tackle anything, super organized and never a procrastinator. Hmmph. I wonder where those qualities are slipping away to.

Jules :Oslippingaway!


SIMON said...

I think we are all a little inclined to put off things aren't we? So I wouldn't worry too much about slipping standards!

Jules said...

I've resolved a few of these things. Air ducts are cleaned ($300 later), got a new tv, tap is fixed (mom surprised me with that one) and going to fix the other door stop now and fill the hole where the TP holder came off. Phewhp. Getting there.

Traci Romero said...

Yikes! That's the thing with those kinds of clinks. They begin in small doses, then they start to pile up. The next thing you know, they're all set off at the same place at the same time, simultaneously, and you wouldn't know which of those leaks and breaks to patch up first. However, there is a design for that, and the key is to be able to track and find it. Good thing sharp plumbing is always on the ready to help us. Have a great day!

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing