Monday, September 01, 2014

Explore the Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park

This long weekend, Thor and I went to Fairmont in BC. Whenever we're in Radium, we always try and stay at The Village Country Inn, but sometimes we get a hankering to hang out more around the Fairmont area. So we did and on Sunday, we spent the day exploring the areas of Alces Lake and Whiteswan Lake. To get there, you have to go south of Fairmont about half an hour and then about another 30 kms up a gravel road with extremely steep drop offs through Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. It reminded us both of the Going To The Sun Road in Montana, except it's more primitive and there's not a whole lot of barriers to make sure you don't go off the curvy road. Here are some photos of Alces Lake. Both it and Whiteswan Lake are crystal clear and boast that emerald green coloring that you see so rarely. It's a similar color to Olive Lake in Kootenay National Park. There are 5 different camp grounds up at the two lakes. They are well kept, but don't have flush toilets and you have to boil your water. It would be nice to stay there some day.

We were going to kayak, but it really clouded over and I got a real chill. Being out on the water wasn't quite as appealing as going back half way down the gravel road, stopping at the "Lussier Hot Springs" and warming up in the completely natural hot mountain water. I didn't bring my camera down to the hot springs this time, but the first time we went there I did. It's very very hot water, bring something to stay hydrated and it's probably best not to go straight from the hottest pool to the icy cold river water. Take baby steps to get there, cooling down a little bit at a time. Also, know that these are natural, so there's a definite sulfur smell that sticks to you. Here's one from the archive of Lussier Hot Springs.

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SIMON said...

Someone once said that some of my pictures should be used by the local tourist offices, so that is all I can say to you!!

Jules said...

Hmmm.. perhaps I'll get in touch with the Kootenay National Park people!