Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ink on canvas...

So far to date, this is a list of the artwork I've done, in order of first to last.

  • Dock at Flathead Lake (5x7)
  • Vintage Aristocrat Travel Trailer (5x7)
  • Mt. Reynolds at Logan Pass (5x7)
  • Cabin 31 (5x7)
  • The Schultz Family Farmstead (11x14)
  • Doorknob (5x7)
  • The Secret Garden Arbor (11x14)
  • Granite Park Chalet (12x16)
  • and now working on: Simpson River Crossing (12x16)

I only still have the last 4 in my possession. The others I have given away as gifts. The Schultz Family fell in love with that one enough that the daughter is commissioning me to buy a print of it to give to her parents (the owners of the farm).

I've come to understand that the actual cost of doing the artwork is fairly small, depending on the size you're doing, and the printing of the artwork is also marginal. It's the framing of it all that drives up the cost! Well, that and the actual time the artist spends doing each work of art. The 5x7's took anywhere from 2 - 3 hours each. The farmstead took approx 10 hours. The arbor took about 15 or 16 hours. Granite Park took 21 hours. I'm into the river crossing 8 hours now and I'm about half done but the shading will be tricky on it, so it might end up taking longer.

Here's the Schultz Farm:

Here's Cabin 31:  

Here is Granite Park Chalet:

For some reason, even though they are on white canvas, they photograph in the grey scale. So you have to picture them much brighter.

Since I began doing this, I've received a lot of positive feedback. Things like "Wow! It's like you've been doing this for years and years!" or "Oh my gosh! That makes me want to go there!" or "This is THE nicest gift I've ever received!" or "Wow, you've really got something here.. you're talented, kiddo, keep it up!" That last one was from a seasoned portrait artist of 40 some years in Bigfork, Montana. So for now, this has certainly become a rewarding hobby. Thor and I love to browse art galleries whenever we're able to do so. Maybe I'll have a little local art show of my very own sometime, once I do enough pieces... and work up enough courage!

I'm trusting the internet here... maybe unwisely. So to protect myself I shall say: 
I have 100% copyright to these images. Under NO circumstances does anyone ever have any permission to download, save or reproduce these images in any way, shape or form, in whole or in part. These are MY original artworks, and you may NOT reproduce them or steal them. If you want to purchase a print, you can contact me. You DO NOT want to be caught taking my artwork without my explicit permission, trust me.  :) 

Jules :O)


don said...

You have a gift!

Jules said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, HB!! Your feedback and support have been so amazing and helps drive me to keep going with it! :*

SIMON said...

They certainly all do seem to have that certain something that makes them special.
Keep it up and you could turn a profitable hobby in to a business....good luck!!
A local exhibition would be a great place to start.

Jules said...

Thank Si. I'll get them framed at some point and see what happens. Have to make more before I get that far. My house is starting to look like a real artist den with all these pieces piling up.