Saturday, September 20, 2014

numbers and letters.. and numbered letters...

I was totally bagged driving back from Radium last time. The neighbor in the Inn kept me awake till all hours with his blaring tv, bathroom fan and snoring. So in order to keep my mind alert on the 4+ hour drive to my place, I started paying attention to license plates. I would add up all the numbers and then add up what their total would be in numerology, for example "WEF - 396" would be 18 and then 1+8 = 9.

Then I would alphabetize the letters on the plates, or on words on vehicles as they went by as well. Often, this was much more difficult. so I was thinking... it seems to me that if you knew the corresponding numerical representation of each letter of the alphabet, it would really give you a boost in life. Think of how fast you could alphabetize things, look up things, organize things, decode things, code things, etc. It's sort of endless.

A - 1
B - 2
C - 3

Blah blah blah.

I guess I'll attempt to do that so that when someone says put these items in order, I could do it without thinking. I think I'll attempt to learn that with Thanan. It would really give him a leg up in school. It made me wonder why they've never taught this in school.

Jules :O?


don said...

I don't get the easy one..

Jules said...

Well, in numerology, you keep adding up the numbers until you just are left with a single digit. So 3+9+6=18, then 1+8=9.



SIMON said...

Great way to pass the time on long drives....

Jules said...