Friday, November 21, 2014

Being a little less... social...

Here's what bugs me about all the social networks: They all somehow, some way join together and they promote insincerity. It seems like:

You can't be on Pinterest without being connected to Facebook.

You can't be on Twitter without being connected to Facebook or Tumbler.

You can't be on Instagram without being connected to Facebook.

You can't be on Facebook without being connected to everything else.

You can't have a gmail account without being connected to the myriad of extensions that it comes with nowadays, Google+, Circles, etc...

Somehow people on LinkedIn want to have you in their network even if you're not on LinkedIn.. I'm guessing it's got something to do with Twitter or Facebook.

You can't even keep up with all the new social networks like "Cucumbertown," "Delicious," and "Snapchat." (look up social networks on wiki and see that the list is quite extensive)

Blogging is still a stand alone type of social media, but now people are even making facebook pages for their blog pages!

  • What if I don't want to be so... connected? 
  • What if I'm happy just with texting and blogging.. you know, like back in the good ol' years of 2006 - 2010? 
  • What if I don't want to be on Facebook anymore, or Twitter? How do I close those down without alienating a whole bunch of people? I can't.
  • What if I don't want to "share my boards" with everyone else on Pinterest.. what if I just want to look at stuff on there for myself and my own interest? (Well, that one's pushing it, because I'm sure there's a setting so you can keep things private, but you get my drift).
  • How do you keep up with it all, even if you wanted to!?
It just sort of feels like there's no privacy within these medias anymore. There's too much crossover and because of that, often I feel like I have to censor myself, just so I don't offend anybody. There's no way you can keep track of everyone inside each social media thing, and there's no way you can keep your accounts strictly for friends or family or work. So you end up censoring everything you say everywhere for fear that you'll put something "real" on there and your boss will see it and spazz out, or your family will read it and take it the wrong way, or God forbid you did something with one friend but not another. 

And then there's this... why do certain family members "like" things that other relatives post on FB, but they never seem to pay any attention to your posts? How do you even operate a FB account without having your feelings hurt? Is there even any sincerity in it any more? I know I'm guilty of "liking" stuff just because I thought it would hurt people's feelings if I didn't... even if I didn't really care about the post (as if my opinion really matters to most of the people in my FB friends list). A few days ago, I felt like I HAD to accept a friend request of a lady I used to be acquaintances with when I did lunch mom duty, because she's a mutual friend of another friend of mine and I didn't want to cause any issues by declining her request. Jeeeez. How stupid. 

I don't love where it's all heading. We've forgotten how to interact with each other in real life because we're far too busy friending, liking, posting and being insincere in cyberspace. It's like a cyber-prison.

That's my rant for the day, I finally couldn't hold it in any longer.
What do you think? 

Jules >:Ogrrr!


The Grunt said...

Oh geez, tell me about it. Facebook for me has become the place where family, relatives, and people from work like to keep tabs on me. It isn't so much that I don't want people to know what is going on with me, it's just that some of them, who don't spend much time with the "full" me seem a bit weirded out when I let loose once in awhile. The blow back then causes me to self censor. It isn't ideal. Maybe this return to blogland will be good for me. I need somewhere to be totally open. Facebook just isn't the right place for that because, quite frankly, my co-workers and distant relatives don't need to hear everything I have to say.

Jules said...

I feel ya, Grunty. I hate having to self-censor and I feel like I have to do it all the damn time these days. My blog is far less censored than the rest of my social media output. But even here, from time to time, I can't really say what I want. Remember the good ol' days where I used to blurt out every thought I had, clean, dirty or anything in between! HA! I miss those days.

The Grunt said...

I actually do remember those days, blogs and IM's, lol! And I can only imagine what people thought of me from the off the wall stuff I was posting at the time. I loved it to death!

Jules said...

I did to! So I'm gona return to not censoring myself on my blog. You should too!

SIMON said...

Oh the old blogs, I miss them!! There are some good things to come from Facebook though but not many!!

Jules said...

A few good things.. but you're right.. not many!