Sunday, November 16, 2014


Ever feel like you're pretty good at a lot of things, but an expert at nothing? That's the realization I came to just now, prompting me to write this blog post.

Things I'm pretty good at: drawing, playing my guitar, mothering, caregiving, listening, socializing, making people smile and feel relaxed, singing, cooking, reading, yoga, exploring, driving, cutting hair, sex, inducing laughter, writing, research, using technology, typing, analysis

Things I'm really good at: my job, cleaning, loving, hugging, cuddling, planning, relating to children and Senior citizens, being a realist

Things I suck at: being alone, making pancakes, speaking my mind, waiting for people, remembering birthdays and names, keeping in touch with my dad, math, playing

Things I wish I were an expert in: sewing, making nice art, understanding humans, finding my zen, ADHD, the psychology of Seniors, health

Hmm. Interesting.
I guess it's good to self-reflect and see where it takes you sometimes.

Jules 8Oj


SIMON said...

Is it that good to self reflect, I guess so sometimes!!
Good post Jules!!

Jules said...

It's good if you arrive in a positive spot moreso than a negative one most of the times you self reflect, I've decided!