Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Simpson River Crossing ink on canvas...

Here's my original Simpson River Crossing ink on canvas (again, it's much whiter in real life than this shows). It's large, like my Chalet drawing, on a canvas that's 16x20 inches. It took 17.75 hours to finish (approx. - I found my little paper that I kept track on), so not a quick thing to do. The pens were true black, and it takes a lot of time to work with shading different opacities of black ink. You've got to do it just right and hope that you don't make a mistake that can't be inked over and fixed. It's not like paint or other mediums where you can cover things up with other colors and re-work or scrape it off it as you do it. As frustrating as the medium can be, I think I'm getting a handle on it and I do enjoy it. The sense of accomplishment in creating something pleasing to look at is quite high.

Of course, you must pay attention to my copyright tag, any copies of my artwork will not be tolerated at all, period.  But I hope you enjoy looking at it on here. :) 

Now I'm working on the bench drawing. I have decided to ink it in some new pens I bought, they are in shades of varying opacity of the color "cool grey" at 50%, 70% and 90%. I'm about 1/3 done. Looking at it in comparison to the black ink shading, I'm not convinced that I like it. I'm hoping it's nice once it's all filled in. Now that I've started with the cool grey tones, I'm afraid I have to finish it all this way, because it might look weird adding in true black shading now. I wish they were blacker. I need to look for a "warm grey" set maybe. I don't know. I guess we'll see. I suppose artists don't always turn out lovely works, and probably have to do and redo things all the time. Everything is a learning curve. 

Jules :O? 


SIMON said...

For what it's worth I think it's brilliant!! No, really!!

Jules said...

Thank you!