Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nice things...

This is the nicest thing anyone has ever written to me on a Christmas card. Plus, the card was specially selected because of the scene on it. It's black and white with tasteful glitter highlights, and it's a wintry forest scene with a thawing stream running through it. It's quite beautiful. I don't usually keep cards once the reason to celebrate is over, for more than a week or two, but this is one I might just have to keep forever. Inside it says:

"Julie, you are just a blessing in my life. Your kind heart, talent, patience with everything you do makes me aspire to be a better person. It's been a good year, but with that came some heavy hearts and challenges. You have shown your inner strength in abundance. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true in 2015. Love Nicole"

That's something special.

Also, every year that I've live in this house, I've made sure to give cards and a little treat to all my immediate neighbours (yes, even the crappy people who used to live next door). This year, I'm feeling less like doing so. So, isn't it ironic that two of my neighbours spoiled me with chocolates and cards that expressed what a wonderful neighbour I am?! I can't eat the chocolates, but I have to say, it feels nice when the universe finally lets you experience some of the goodness back that I've been trying my hardest to spread for so long.

Jules :Oj

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SIMON said...

It's always nice to be appreciated isn't it?
Nice one Jules!