Monday, December 15, 2014


Sold my first piece of artwork today.

Recently, I made a print of the Schultz Family Farm at a local printing company. It took them twice to get the print right, and even after the second time, there were lots of touch ups I needed to do to it. I printed it on a nice thick card stock paper and touched it up with my artist pens. Actually, the one on paper might even look nicer than the original on canvas. The image can be seen by scrolling down, it's the farm pic with the windmill in it. So there we go. I'm not sure anyone else will ever want to buy a print, but I've officially sold one of my pieces of artwork, so I'm officially adding "Artist" to my repertoire. :)

Jules :Oyay!


don said...

That's Great!

Jules said...

Thank you HB! :* Your support means so much!

SIMON said...

Terrific news.