Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ranting and roaring...

Why is it that on any given post, there could be upwards of 20 or more people reading it, but nobody ever comments on anything any more, except for 1 or 2 people who've been around since inception?

It's not that I don't appreciate their loyalty and comments. It just baffles me that so many people read this blog but no-one ever lets me know they're there.

I know I don't do it for attention. I just blog to get my thoughts out of my own head. But I'm still curious about that, regardless.

Say hi sometime. I rant and I roar, but I don't bite.

Jules :Oj


jorg wobblington lopez said...

Maybe they are all bots.

Jules said...

Yes, I suppose they could be, Jorg.. :( That's depressing! LOL

SIMON said...

As one of the one or two since inception, I wish I knew the answer!! Same with mine unless I give a boost on other social media!!
I've not been around much myself lately but have caught up and your blog remains a great place to be!!
People are just so strange..... never mind, just don't give up!!