Friday, January 09, 2015

role reversal.. I can't wait...

Parenthood summed up:

Child: Why do you have to raise your voice?

Parent: Because you appear to be hard of hearing. You never listen to me the first time, second time or third time I ask you to do something, so I figure you can't hear my softer voice.

Child: Well when you get mad, it makes me want to do less.

Parent: Well, when you do less, it makes me mad. Do more and do it on time, and I'll never have to raise my voice again. Understand?

Child: Yes, okay.

The next day: Repeat.
The next day: Repeat.
The next day: Repeat.
 Neverending repeats.

That is parenthood.

I'm guessing that until you start to return to innocence around the age of 80 or so, this remains the cycle as a parent. Then the universe does a strange thing and starts to reverse the roles.

Jules :O!

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