Monday, February 16, 2015

The story of the promise...

On January 17th, in the late hours of the night, laying in bed in the cabin, after a wonderful day of beautiful togetherness and great conversation, we kiss and say our "I love you's" and hold each other as we prepare to end the day. And then Thor softly says "I promise I will ask you to marry me, Sweetie." I respond with "I know, Baby..."

Earlier in the day he had been telling me how when his grandparents passed away many many years ago, he received a few items that have lasting memories of both of them for him. Then laying in bed that night, that conversation continued. He told me that when they asked what he wanted to keep from his Grandmother, he said he wanted the pendant she always wore. He got that and also found out that he was the only person in the family that she willed something to. It was her wedding ring, simply tied with white string to a piece of paper on which she wrote that the ring belonged to her Grandson (I'll leave out the names and details).  It was then that he reached into his bag and pulled out this old folded piece of paper and told me to open it. It was the ring with his Grandmother's note. After I looked at it, he said "I know what you want for an engagement ring, and I know this isn't it, but I was thinking I could take my Grandmother's diamond out of her ring and put it as a solitaire into a promise ring for you. Would you like that, Sweetie? Would you let me do that?" 

I was stunned and couldn't believe what I was hearing! Of course, I responded with a definite "yes!" and we talked a little bit more about the idea, the meaning behind it and the promise of an engagement. He had always known that he wanted to pass the ring onto the woman he wanted to spend his life with, and he wants that with me, he's known that for a long time. Cuddling some more, I started to cry tears of joy as the whole thing sunk in. He wants ME to have his Grandmother's diamond. The historical and family value of that is unique, special and extremely heartfelt and meaningful. 

The story continued with how he wanted to do this last summer on our Glacier vacation, but the ring was kept in his mom's safe deposit box, they thought, and when he asked her to get it, it wasn't in there. His sister didn't know where it was and neither did his mom. It wasn't until several months later when his mom found it in some of her files at her place that he could finally follow through with his plan. The sales associate at the jeweller said it's a really pretty 1/3 carat mine-cut diamond and knowing it was given to his Grandmother in 1918, its family history is just shy of a century old. He picked a beautiful elegant setting for it on a 14k white gold band and had to select the right sized claw to hold it in. 

So this Valentine's Day, we were able to meet up in Radium and he gave me the ring that he had gotten made for his promise. I'm honored to wear his ring and thrilled to accept his promise of a future together with me. We live in different countries, there are still things that we will have to figure out, but what this says is 'I know I want to spend my life with you, only you, so I promise that will happen.' And now when I'm missing him, I can look down at my hand, see this symbol of life together and remember the promise of it all happening someday.

I am one very happy woman!

Jules :Osoinlove)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

funny boys....

"Wait, wait! Pause the game!" Thanan's friend exclaims. "I've gotta take a dump!" I hear it from the basement... sounds of 9 year olds, having fun, living in the moment.

I smile.

Then faintly, from a distance down the hallway, I hear: "Thanan! I think I just dropped an anvil!"
Thanan says "WHAT?!" His friend repeats his thrilling revelation with gusto and Thanan says "DUDE! I don't need to know about your poo, man!"

I laughed out loud.

Boys are funny.

Jules :Ohaha!