Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clothes are just clothes...

I think over the years that I've been a blogger, I've become a lot more tame and a little bit of a chicken shit. I feel like I have to censor myself more and more and not just blurt out my thoughts on subjects.

My favorite radio station has become CBC Radio 1 over the past few years, so I'm deep into current events, news and documentaries on interesting topics. It puts me more in the know and the more I know the more opinions I have. It's hard to bite my tongue, but I'm actually afraid to express myself for fear I'll receive some sort of backlash that I wasn't really looking for.

But today here's what I have to say.

What the heck difference is a Canadian girl who wears a hoodie which covers her hair and, to some extent can hide her face, from a Canadian girl who wears a jihab/niqab? They both are Canadian, and both have an awareness that suggests that a certain way of dressing is cool, or right, or comfortable. So what if one is religion based. One is culture based, one is religion based. Both are just clothes. If wearing certain clothes brings them closer to the God they believe in, why should we judge, or rather misjudge their intentions?

Clothes shouldn't define people. People's attitudes, beliefs, morals, values and actions should be what defines people. I'm so sick of this debate on whether Canadian women should be allowed to cover their faces. That's what makeup does, and we all wear makeup, right ladies? Well, most of us do to some extent. And even some men do.

I've heard some interviews on wearing the niqab/hijab, and the women who wear that have said they have no issues bearing their face when necessary or to comply with legalities when asked, none at all. I could see it all being a huge problem if she refused and the identification couldn't be done, but even in the case that Harper harped on about, she bared her face to the official behind closed doors. So what's really the big deal, people? What really got me is a girl on the radio today saying she was born and raised in Canada, she IS Canadian, and she chooses to study a religion where certain clothing is defined. She's not oppressed, she's not extreme. She's just a Canadian, studying a religion she believes in, wearing clothes that are appropriate to that study. Who the heck cares. I have more important things to spend my time stressing about.

It's not clothes we need to worry about. It's people who break laws and start wars. Not all religions breed extremism, and keep in mind, there are people who go to extremes regardless of what their belief systems are.  Who's door hasn't been knocked on by people trying to make you see their spiritual way at some point or another?! It happens all the darn time. But regardless, it has nothing to do with clothing.

Wear what you want. I see many more offensive clothing presentations on a daily basis by people who just don't give a crap about what they look like, who go out in public with clothes that are too small, too tight or too torn up.

See the bigger picture, people. Look deeper. Look beyond the head gear. There are people in there... regardless of religon.

Blech. There's my rant.

Hopefully it won't get me into any confrontations that I really don't want.

Jules :O/

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