Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Heart of the Rockies, and a Hearty Bighorn Laugh...

The last time Thor and I were in Radium, we went for a nice brisk walk in the crisp Springlike air. We came across some really nice Bighorn Sheep. I saw the same exact sheep as the one I posted in the Fall on here, recognized him by the wreck of a face he had. But I'm posting this one because it looks like he's laughing. He was just chewing something of interest from the rocky, dusty grasses below, but this snapshot got it just right. Wait... maybe he was laughing... at Thor and I. You never know!

This is looking down river at the Simpson River Crossing. A while ago, the inn keeper, Fern, showed me this photo she had taken and she said locals refer to it as "The Heart of the Rockies." Ever since then I've been looking for it as I drive through the park. I could never see it. Either the weather was bad or the clouds were too low, or I was having to focus too hard on my driving and couldn't look around to enjoy the scenery. Well the last time through the park it was cloud free and dry pavement, so I could let my eyes wander a little bit! I found it! So here's my photo. Unfortunately, the sky is washed out. Not a perfect photo, but it shows the heart!  This might become my next ink on canvas, but with a few more trees in the foreground.

Jules :O)
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