Sunday, May 31, 2015

kid compliments...

Two things that some kids said to me recently that made me feel proud:

1) "At least you get out and play with your son. My mom just sits at home and works all the time." (She's probably working her butt off to support him, I thought, but then I thought about how sad the look on his face was when he said that to me..)

2) "You know, you laugh a lot more than my parents do..." (I wondered if they probably save their laughter for when he's in bed and they're unwinding?)

I didn't know the parents of the first child. He's a boy who is now in grade 5, a boy who I used to supervise when I did lunch supervision in the grade 2 class... 3 years ago now. He remembered me clearly and when it just so happened that a spontaneous softball game took place with Thanan and his friends and this group of grade 5 kids, he took the time to say how impressed he was that I was out there with my son.

The second comment came to me when Thanan's friend was over at my house. I know his mom fairly well and the comment struck me odd, because her profile on facebook makes her life look perfectly happy and content and she's always smiling. So that made me curious and I continue to wonder how much of facebook is fake.. or maybe not fake, but just shows the good stuff, incomplete.

I took both of those as compliments, though. I try to be a good parent, as hard as it is sometimes with the way I physically feel. I try to have some sort of involvement in my son's day, each and every day. I try. Sometimes I just feel too crappy, but still, those are the days we cuddle instead of play baseball or badminton or golf or soccer.

And both of those kids said those remarks within earshot of Thanan. That made me feel good on a different level, because I caught him smiling after they said it as he looked at me. I was smiling back, of course.

Appreciate your kids. Appreciate the chances every day to be involved in their world. You are important to them, they look up to you every day for support and direction and love and encouragement. And even if they don't tell you stuff, you can be guaranteed they and their friends notice things!

Jules :OD

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