Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My phone makes me look like an idiot...

My phone makes me sound like I have a studder.

I'm bummed because I've come to terms with the fact that my blackberry that I just got in January is having trouble. The keyboard may just be failing.. or something. I type, and I use punctuation, and lots of times the alt key doesn't work on it, so instead of getting a comma, exclamation mark or question mark, I just get the letters n, m, or v.

Do you like thatv
(That's what my texts look like, should have been: Do you like that?)

Grr. Also.. it has developed a tick or something. It adds in multiples of a letter I've typed. So instead of: How are you today? I get: Hooow aree u todayv

If a person were to read my texts literally, it would sound just like I'm studdering! Eff sakes. The trouble is, I'm a die hard blackberry user. I love it. I get bugged and taunted all the time for my choice in phones, but I'm happiest with a blackberry in my hand. I love the physical keyboard and hate touch screen keyboards. I don't want any other phone because it seems like the only smart phone out there with a keyboard still is the blackberry. I'm loyal and dammit, I must have my needs met!

I think there's a company downtown that services phones. I might have to take it to them and see if it's fixable. The one piece of solace is that I only paid 1/3 the cost of this phone, so it's not too crappy if I have to pay to fix it. But still...

Such is life with technology.

Jules :Owtfphone!

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