Sunday, May 24, 2015

My razor story...

Sure, if you compare the number of curves on a woman's leg to the number of curves on a man's face, there's probably quite a difference there. Sure, if you compare the density and thickness of a man's whisker to that of a lady's leg hair, the man probably wins that one too. But you know what? Women have to shave as often as men, and we get razor burn too! We also desire the closest shave possible.

But what products do women have? We lack in razor quality compared to what the media brands as men's razors. Men.. oh men.. they get 5 totally sharp blades to do the job. And now they have swivelling heads to hug the curves of the face. Women are at the back of the pack, with a maximum of 4 blades that dull after using them just a few lousy times. Men get vibrating razors, even!

Suffice it to say, I've always felt like I've never had the shave that was possible. So the other day with my sister, I pondered out loud "what razor do you use?" while looking in the women's shave section. She said "Palu bought me a men's gillette.. this one with 5 blades and the swivel head.. and I LOVE it!"

So I finally decided to venture into the men's shaving section myself and picked up the one she recommended. It's a Gilette Fusion ProGlide with a Flexball (as seen here). The first time I used it I thought I'd gone to shave Heaven. It luxuriously just glided over my skin and took off every nasty leg hair down so low I didn't even have to shave the next day! Worked wonders in my armpits too.. and other ehem.. unmentionable locations (my toes.. I'm talking about my toes). And NO cuts because the blades are actually SHARP! I'm telling you something. I'll never again go out and buy a ladies razor! I like the silver color of this one, too. I don't need pink or purple!

I not only encourage women to follow my lead, but I suggest men go out and give this razor a try too! I'd have gotten the vibrating one, but I couldn't quite wrap my head around why a razor needed to vibrate. And really.. I can't imagine shaving around the unmentionables with a vibrating razor.. a person could get carried away, what with it vibrating and all, and frankly, that's a scary thought. *shudder*

Anyway, that's the thought (revelation) for this go around. See you next time!
Jules :O!!


SIMON said...

Love the shave heaven observations Jules! Nice one!

Jules said...

I wonder how long this set of blades will last, though.. because replacements heads are a pretty penny! Still.. I'm loving it.