Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My gall bladder update...

My gall bladder surgery was postponed. It was supposed to be July 2, just 2 days from now. Instead, it will be the middle of July.

The week of the surgery, I was supposed to be vacationing in the States with Thor, enjoying meeting his hunting buddies (finally!!) and partaking in activities which celebrated us being together 5 years. I was massively looking forward to this. Now, instead, Thor will be coming here, and we will get to go do some fun stuff up around Jasper, but still, I'm a bit bummed. It seems like most of our relationship, we've spent our time within Canada, and due to my work's circumstances mostly, I hardly get to go down there. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been to Thor's house. I've been to the cabins more than his house.

Don't get me wrong. Spending any time with Thor anywhere is Heaven for me. I was just really looking forward to the plans we'd made and meeting the people I've been wanting to meet for ages now.

But as it turns out, with my surgery happening during my planned vacation time, both Thanan and my foster guy are already looked after, so maybe it was meant to be. There's always a silver lining, right? And maybe I'll get to keep Thor for a few days extra, if I'm not fully recovered before he is due to leave. That'd sure be wonderful!

I've now, to date, had 21 gall bladder attacks (varying degrees of time and pain). Recently, I did go in to the hospital for one, but they just managed the pain until it subsided (mostly), did bloodwork and determined that I wasn't in an emergent state, so they sent me home. "If you have that amount of pain PLUS a fever or are jaundiced, come back," they said. So I haven't been back. I just suffer in silence at home and hope they don't get to bad. And this, friends, is WITH extreme monitoring of my diet (excluding sat and trans fats and sugars). Man. I don't wish this particular illness on anyone.

So that's my gall bladder update. Everyone says it will be a huge relief when it's just taken out. I'm really looking forward to getting it done. Even if it messed up my holiday plans.

Jules :Oj

Finally figuring out purpose...

My new life's motto:

Leave wherever you go better than when you got there. 
Leave the people you meet happier than when you met up with them.

I think that if I do my part to beautify the environment wherever I'm at, that's only going to benefit everyone else, as well as the inhabitants of the space I'm in (animals, birds, etc.). I also think that if I can bring at least one smile or one laugh to the person I'm visiting with at any given moment, then when it comes time to part, if I've managed to do that, they will be better off too.

Leaving the physical spaces in a better state is easy. Pick up litter. Pull weeds. Help to tidy the spaces in some way... help someone landscape, paint, clean their home, de-clutter, etc. Lately, I've been gathering rocks to help a friend's mom create some flowerbed spaces in her front yard. She's too busy working and looking after her husband who is ill to do it herself. Helping her makes me feel great. It's little things like this that are easy to do and have an impact. I've also found myself pulling weeds in the city and park spaces and picking up garbage. And of course, manicuring my own yard gives myself a great deal of satisfaction and the neighbors love looking at it. Mutually beneficial.

Helping people is easy too. Just stopping to talk to them makes them feel like part of a larger entity. Offering a hug when they need one is hugely impactful. Having a sense of community and belonging is important and dramatically impacts how people feel on a day to day basis. You don't have to give hours of your time to people. Even just stopping by to say hi and ask how they are doing makes a difference. If you can't stay long, preface the visit with "I don't have much time, but I wanted to stop and chat for a few minutes."

So that's where I'm at these days. I just want to make the community healthier, one space and person at a time. It's a long, long term project. A whole lifetime, in fact.

Jules :Oworthythoughts)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sometimes love's so small, it's gigantic!

"Mom! Here's one for you!!" Thanan says while sifting through the rainbow pack of Nerds candy he pulled out of the pantry the other day. Then he brings it over to me and presents it to me in the palm of his hand. Heart in hand. 

I love this little guy. 

I can't eat sugar, because of my candida issues, so I reminded him after I gushed over the whole thing for a bit. So then he left with it. I assumed he ate it, but actually, he left it on my alarm clock in my bedroom. What a sweet boy he is!

Jules :Olove!
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Lookin' good, hot stuff!

I used to work at a special needs school in town. It was the sixth job I ever had (forth meaningful job) and I worked my way up to being a fairly significant fixture there. I always had top notch employee reviews because I always worked hard and did the best I could do to understand my students and enhance their lives. Working in a place like that, you make more than co-workers. You develop this sort of bond that ties you all together, like you're all in this trying to figure out the students and make things click for them. It's a very supportive, nurturing environment, and I loved working there. I only left because I went on maternity leave and at the time, chose to be a stay at home mom. I don't really regret not going back, but I have never let go of the feeling of "home" that I feel when I walk through those doors.

I still maintain the website I made for them way back in the day, so I am in contact with them at least once a month, but I only stop in on occasion. When I do go there, it's always a feel good day. The staff who remain when I used to work there all offer me great big smiles and many of them are arms wide open, ready for a big hug. It makes me feel great. My old boss hugs me tightest of all and always says "Love you, Jules!"

The last 2 times I went in, some of the staff gawked in amazement at how I look now. I used to be chubby and round faced when I worked there, Over the years, I've matured and my look has grown up with me. Or so I thought! The very last time I went in there, one of my favorite co-workers remarked: "You look younger now than when you worked here!!" She had been flipping through photo albums from past years and insisted I'm looking younger now. Another staff chimed in and confirmed her statement. I worked there in my 20's... soon I'll be 39. Pretty amazing hey? I must have somewhere stumbled upon the fountain of youth without even realizing it.

For the record... I don't think I necessarily look younger, but I do look better. I wish I felt as good as I looked! LOL

Here's an old photo of me from 2005. I guess that's when I got my first digital camera, because I don't have anything previous to that on my computer. I used to be THAT light brown? I almost look blonde.

Here's me with the neighborhood cat, Zeus, in Radium, recently. I'm puckering up my lips a little bit, making a cat calling sound, but you can look past that. 

Anyway, it was a nice compliment, from people who are just like family. If you've got people in your life like that, keep them. Hold onto them. It's good to have hugs and compliments on stand by when you need them. 

Jules :O)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

All clear...

I've come to notice that since I've had to get rid of most of the saturated fat/trans fat from my diet, my skin seems less prone to pimples. My face has cleared up and now, the only pimples I get are just little ones and they're hormonal.. you know.. monthly pimples. But they are tiny, totally squeezable and then they go away. I used to get 2 gross nasty zits throughout the month, and they weren't squeezable. I used to call them "skimples" for under-the-skin-pimples. They were fugly.

Anyway, I haven't had a skimple in months. I attribute that to the major reduction of fat in my diet. That's worth sharing, I think. If you suffer from acne, try going with less fat.

That is all for tonight.
Jules :O)

Monday, June 01, 2015

Just laugh a little... or a lot!

Today at my Monday morning part time job, where I'm the marketing consultant for a toy company, I researched and sent out a newsletter about how laughter physiologically affects the human body. It was the most fun topic I've researched and written about yet there, and I've done a lot of them over the past 2 years. I got to sift through jokes, look at laughter you tube videos and compile a list of many of the benefits of laughter. I'd love to really deeply study this concept.. become an authority on the topic.

You know, years ago, I had the idea of becoming a laugh instructor, or offering some sort of class where you come to laugh. Laughter yoga, laughter therapy.. something of the sort. I'm talking years ago. Maybe even pre-Thanan. But as always, I had this great idea, but never followed through on it. I have had so many of those great ideas (right Thor?). I think it's just that I lack the how-to-do-it portion of the process. Or maybe I'm scared of stepping away from the known into the depths of the unknown. You have to have balls to take chances.

Recently on the radio, I heard a whole segment on this topic and who was being interviewed? A "laughter therapist" who was talking about the "laughter competition" he just held in his city, and how the winner of it has attributed the improvement of her skin disorder (eczema) to her winning the competition. Shaking my head, thinking about my missed opportunity, I listened to the program and thought "That could have been me organizing that." What job could possibly be better than one that makes everyone laugh and in turn improves their health at the same time. Everyone leaves happy and healthier than when they came in.

Today when I told my boss that I was going to write about laughter and why, and told her that I used to want to be a laughter coach, she offered me a room in her new building when she moves locations in October. She said I could offer a class there once a week, a laughing class... and she was serious.

Maybe it's time to think about it. Not as a full time job or career, at least not at the start... but maybe I should think about putting this together and making this work. Even if it's only on a trial basis, and then go from there, or not. What qualifies someone to be a laughter coach or laughter therapist? I can't see how you'd be able to obtain a degree for that. I could offer classes for kids and adults, because nowadays, even kids need stress relief.

Here's the newsletter I wrote today, and it really only minutely scratches the surface.

It's staggering, how many ways laughter helps the body, and the best part is that laughter is free.

My niche?
Not sure... maybe.

Jules :Ohawhaw!