Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finally figuring out purpose...

My new life's motto:

Leave wherever you go better than when you got there. 
Leave the people you meet happier than when you met up with them.

I think that if I do my part to beautify the environment wherever I'm at, that's only going to benefit everyone else, as well as the inhabitants of the space I'm in (animals, birds, etc.). I also think that if I can bring at least one smile or one laugh to the person I'm visiting with at any given moment, then when it comes time to part, if I've managed to do that, they will be better off too.

Leaving the physical spaces in a better state is easy. Pick up litter. Pull weeds. Help to tidy the spaces in some way... help someone landscape, paint, clean their home, de-clutter, etc. Lately, I've been gathering rocks to help a friend's mom create some flowerbed spaces in her front yard. She's too busy working and looking after her husband who is ill to do it herself. Helping her makes me feel great. It's little things like this that are easy to do and have an impact. I've also found myself pulling weeds in the city and park spaces and picking up garbage. And of course, manicuring my own yard gives myself a great deal of satisfaction and the neighbors love looking at it. Mutually beneficial.

Helping people is easy too. Just stopping to talk to them makes them feel like part of a larger entity. Offering a hug when they need one is hugely impactful. Having a sense of community and belonging is important and dramatically impacts how people feel on a day to day basis. You don't have to give hours of your time to people. Even just stopping by to say hi and ask how they are doing makes a difference. If you can't stay long, preface the visit with "I don't have much time, but I wanted to stop and chat for a few minutes."

So that's where I'm at these days. I just want to make the community healthier, one space and person at a time. It's a long, long term project. A whole lifetime, in fact.

Jules :Oworthythoughts)

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