Monday, June 15, 2015

Lookin' good, hot stuff!

I used to work at a special needs school in town. It was the sixth job I ever had (forth meaningful job) and I worked my way up to being a fairly significant fixture there. I always had top notch employee reviews because I always worked hard and did the best I could do to understand my students and enhance their lives. Working in a place like that, you make more than co-workers. You develop this sort of bond that ties you all together, like you're all in this trying to figure out the students and make things click for them. It's a very supportive, nurturing environment, and I loved working there. I only left because I went on maternity leave and at the time, chose to be a stay at home mom. I don't really regret not going back, but I have never let go of the feeling of "home" that I feel when I walk through those doors.

I still maintain the website I made for them way back in the day, so I am in contact with them at least once a month, but I only stop in on occasion. When I do go there, it's always a feel good day. The staff who remain when I used to work there all offer me great big smiles and many of them are arms wide open, ready for a big hug. It makes me feel great. My old boss hugs me tightest of all and always says "Love you, Jules!"

The last 2 times I went in, some of the staff gawked in amazement at how I look now. I used to be chubby and round faced when I worked there, Over the years, I've matured and my look has grown up with me. Or so I thought! The very last time I went in there, one of my favorite co-workers remarked: "You look younger now than when you worked here!!" She had been flipping through photo albums from past years and insisted I'm looking younger now. Another staff chimed in and confirmed her statement. I worked there in my 20's... soon I'll be 39. Pretty amazing hey? I must have somewhere stumbled upon the fountain of youth without even realizing it.

For the record... I don't think I necessarily look younger, but I do look better. I wish I felt as good as I looked! LOL

Here's an old photo of me from 2005. I guess that's when I got my first digital camera, because I don't have anything previous to that on my computer. I used to be THAT light brown? I almost look blonde.

Here's me with the neighborhood cat, Zeus, in Radium, recently. I'm puckering up my lips a little bit, making a cat calling sound, but you can look past that. 

Anyway, it was a nice compliment, from people who are just like family. If you've got people in your life like that, keep them. Hold onto them. It's good to have hugs and compliments on stand by when you need them. 

Jules :O)

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don said...

you look fantastish!