Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jasper National Park Vacation Day 2

Back with some more photos of our little vacation in Jasper National Park. I can't remember as a child ever going to Jasper, maybe I did, but I just can't recall. Going here with Thor felt like a brand new experience. I love it when we get to have "firsts" together (especially after 5 years).

I had to take a photo of the doorknob to our motel room. All the knobs were the same throughout the motel, I loved them. They've since repainted all this yellow trim to be black. Spiffing up the place for the big event this September when the place will be absolutely crawling and rolling with cyclists as the Tour of Alberta completes a leg up at Miette Hot Springs.

This lady was cycling down the Miette Road with 3 men in front of her.  She wasn't going as fast as them on the decline. I wouldn't be either. If that were Thor and I, he'd be waiting a long time for me to catch up to him, I'm sure. I can't do a cycle like this with my current vintage bike, it's too heavy and doesn't have enough gears. If I had the right bike, I might attempt more distance and more hills. Cycling is an excellent work out. What a tremendously beautiful place to do one of the legs of the Tour of Alberta bike race in September, hey!?

Day two's prime objective was to go explore the town of Jasper itself. Thor had been there as a young boy when his family went on a road trip to that point and then back down south to the States. Here, we're standing with the 2004 recreation of  "Jasper the Bear" who was erected originally in 1948 by artist James Simpkins and adopted as the beloved town mascot thereafter. Jasper is a cute town with lots of similar tourist stores and LOTS of restaurants. Look out if you're planning to buy beer though... I think we saw an 8-pack of Kokanee for something like $38! Best to bring your own spirits from your local store rather than buying them up there. 

On the way back after a nice 6 hour day of bumming around Jasper, we saw some caribou along the side of the road. We stopped to take some photos. There were 3 of them in this group. It's a beautiful setting. It's common to see people pulled over to take photos of wildlife along the highway, but I advise caution when doing so, or when approaching the clusters of traffic pulled off to the edge. You don't know when you're going to have an animal come straight across the highway, and remember, this is their land, not yours. The national parks are having some major issues with people feeding wildlife. There is a strict policy about NOT feeding wildlife and it is punishable with a hefty fine. The government is asking that if safe, you can take a photo or video of people feeding wildlife, along with their license plate number and send it to Parks Canada. The offenders will then receive a fine, which is something like $1000. So DON'T FEED the wildlife! In Kootenay National Park, it's frowned on to even pull over and look at the wildlife any more, but I don't think they will fine you for just doing that.. ? I'm not sure about that though.

Back at Miette Hot Springs Resort and after having had a relaxing and rejuvenating soak in the hot springs, we were treated to this very stunning sunset. The mountain tops glowed as the setting sun hit their faces and the clouds filled with hues of peach, pink, orange, blue and purple. It seems like each night there were beautiful sunsets up there, and the view is always amazing. You can stay in the hot springs until 11pm and view them from the pools, or go to your room/cabin and watch from there. It's also worth mentioning that there were very few bugs up at that elevation (at least not this year), so no need for bug spray. Bring the sunscreen though!

I'll go into day 3 in the next post, that's all for today!

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SIMON said...

Seriously love the door knob!!

Jules said...

The door knobs were really wonderful :) Some things are really cool, things people never even notice.