Sunday, August 09, 2015

Finally.. I found it!

That moment when you are just absolutely hit with an idea.. your purpose.. something that has so much potential to make an impact on people...

I found that moment.

Now I'm working on moving from all of my brainstorming to making it tangible. It's occupying tons of my free time. When people ask me what I'm up to today, I just say "I've got work stuff to do." The only person I've told about my new adventure is Thor and he's totally supportive.

There are ways to take my knowledge and desire to be helpful and put it to good use. So wish me luck! I'm giving myself a goal of end of summer to launch stuff. It'll start small and hopefully with the help of social media, it will grow. Putting it on here will help hold me accountable.

Jules :Opurpose!


SIMON said...

Good luck with your new venture whatever it is!!
With that type of determination and commitment how can it fail?

Jules said...

Thanks! We'll see where it ends up. :)