Friday, November 13, 2015

Success Story

Many of you who have been following/lurking/or outwardly commenting on my blog since its inception know about a fellow blogger friend who went by the name Soul Seared Dreamer (SSD). Well, we've stayed tight friends through the years, 9 years now I think. I recently received a text from him about his newest relationship, and things associated with the success of integrating into the lifestyle he has now (he came to terms with coming out as a gay man in 2007/08). I couldn't have been happier for him.

It just so happens that it was a perfect story to share on's blog! So please follow this link and read about how just when you feel like coming out will never be accepted, like you will never be allowed to live the life you want, it can happen!

Remember, if you have a story to share, you can email theISMproject or leave your story as an anonymous one in the comments of any blog post, where we will fetch it and post it for everyone to learn from.

Thank you!
Jules :Oawareness)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

My #$%!@$%! Moment

It went something like this.. I have to say that I can't recall the exact words, because the more the words escaped his little lips, the more I began to see red and started to blank it all out...

What are we having for supper?

Ham and side dishes

*biggest heaviest sigh* Ham? Again? Why do we have to have the same meat all the time? I'm getting tired of the meat we have here... Like the ham.. and chicken...

We also have hamburger, roast beef, steak, porkchops...

Yeah, but we're having HAM AGAIN tonight. Didn't we just have ham?

Yeah, like 1 week and a half ago.

See, that was so soon ago... ham.. again...

Me (in my head): You're gona effing eat whatever the shizz I feel like cooking for you.. oh wait, you won't do that because you won't eat anything, you're so gosh golly picky ((I didn't say gosh golly, really))).

Me (out loud): I'm going on strike. I refuse to cook for you any more, ever again. You're too picky to eat something more complex, but you complain about plain food too. I can't win. So I quit being your personal chef.

Thanan: *shrugs and looks something akin to Dopey Dwarf*
Okay Mom.

Me (in my head): DAMMIT!!! That didn't work. Threat didn't sink in. Now what?

Me (out loud after leaving the room, racking my brain to figure out supper and going back into his room):
Fine. I'll cook, but I'm making something I want to make. It has all ingredients in it that you always like separately, so there's going to be NO reason at all for you not to like it.

Thanan: Okkkkkkaaayyyy... what is it?

Me: You lost the right to know. I'll call you when supper is ready.

I'm making quiche. We're having it with side fresh veggies and dip. If he complains, he can chomp on the 2 day old pizza in the fridge... and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to heat it up for him, either.

Jules >:Ogrrr!


There's one thing I realized about myself today, it was almost a profound realization...

I don't wear colored pants.

I mean, I wear blue or black denim, or black pants of many fabric varieties. I have no other colors to wear on my bottom half.

Today I saw a lady wearing red corduroy pants. They looked nice on her. I also see people all the time wearing mixed colored leggings, and brightly colored jeans. But I never buy them. I never wear them... I don't know why.

Do you wear colors on your bottom half?

Jules :O?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What season IS this?

It's insane. This virtually never happens up here where I'm from. It began Sept 21st (I think), and it's still actually happening. Normally by this time, it's looong gone and we've been spat into the unrelenting white blanket that takes over and surrounds us for 6 months. But this year... this year is different.

It's Nov 10th, and in the city in which I reside, there has not been any cumulative snowfall.



I had forgotten what the Autumn season was like. Usually we just get spring, summer and winter.


(I'm currently knocking on wood that I didn't just jinx it.)

Jules :Oyay!